Friday, April 25, 2014

Shiro Haul: Mother of Dragons and Not Very Effective

My sample size of Not Very Effective getting dangerously low prompted me to buy my very first full sized eye shadow from Shiro Cosmetics.  I also picked up Mother of Dragons because I love Daenerys and Game of Thrones.

I also made sure to mention that I love pink and purple eye shadow and of course Shiro came through by giving me the perfect samples :)

Shiro Cosmetics Mother of Dragons Swatch

So here is Mother of Dragons.  First off I love the art, not going to lie it was 70% of the reason I got the full size instead of the smaller size. The color is nice too.  When swatched it looks to be a pretty even mix of red, purple, and silver.  However when on, at least on my skin, the red is what shows up the most.  Overall I have no regrets! <3

Shiro Cosmetics Not Very Effective Swatch

Not Very Effective is my favorite purple crease color.  I wore the sample a lot and I'm glad to finally have the full size. I know I've swatched this before but oh well you can look at its prettiness again!

And here is a quick look I did using Mother of Dragons on my lid and Not Very Effective in my crease.

And here are swatches of the two samples I got.  Ever in Your Favor is from the Hunger Games collection and based off of the extravagant Effie Trinket.  Also it is the most beautiful pink ever.  I am seriously going to be sad when this is gone.  From what I could find I'll Move That For You is MineCraft themed, I've never played it so I don't quite understand the reference but its still pretty so I'm happy.

Here is a look I did using Ever in Your Favor on my lid, Mother of dragons in my crease, and I'll Move that For You in the outer corner.

Where to buy: Shiro Cosmetics
Price: $6 for full 2 gram jars

Oh also just because its related here is a picture I started a while ago of The Mother of Dragons that I never found time to finish. Maybe one day.


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