Wednesday, March 25, 2015

White Accent Liner FOTD

I had extra time so I decided to do something interesting with my makeup today! I wanted to put my new NYX white liquid liner to better use to I did a look based around using it as an accent. I think it turned out awesome!

To do this look I started by taking my BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette and applying Prometheus all over my lid.  I then took my new NYX Prismatic Shadow in Punk Heart and put it in my crease.  I then used Urban Decay's Blackout to darken my crease and smudge under my eyes.  Next I used my Jesse's Girl liquid liner to do a double wing and then carefully took my white liquid liner and placed it in between the wings and also under my inner corner.  I finished by heavily contouring with my MAC blush in Crazed Imagination and my NYX Lipstick in Aphrodite.

Also I freshly dyed my bangs purple and they look so awesome in the sun <3
You can also see my contour a bit better here.  I love the interesting way the plum toned blush goes with my skin to create a natural but yet slightly unnatural contour.

Monday, March 23, 2015

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Blackberry

I many NYX posts lately...They're my favorite drugstore brand so I won't apologize!
I was intrigued by NYX Cosmetic's affordable mostly matte black lip liner pencil as I've never seen this color being sold at an affordable price. 
The main reason I picked this up was to use under my NYX Wicked Lippie in Cold Hearted. I really didn't want to spend a ton of money on a lip liner meant for one specific lipstick so Blackberry is prefect!

I won't lie, this looks a bit weird when worn alone. Then again it is a lip liner so its not meant to perform amazing by itself.  Also I know I look very strange in matte black lipstick.  I definitely need the shimmer provided by Cold Hearted in order to pull it off.
I really have no complaints regarding this lip liner.  It goes on easily and mostly opaque, it helps my wicked lippie last longer, and its a great price!
If you are looking for a black lip liner I would definitely consider Blackberry!

Where to buy:, ULTA
Price: $3.50

Saturday, March 21, 2015

NYX Cosmetics White Liquid Liner

I've been looking for an affordable white liquid eyeliner for a long time and to my glee NYX delivered!! As soon as I saw this at ULTA I had to grab it.  No more are the days of attempting to awkwardly get a thin white line with a not so thin white pencil liner. 

I was pretty bummed that its in a brush cap type packaging instead of a marker pen.  However I am decent at using their glitter liners in the same type of packaging so I was hoping it would not be a big deal.

So here is a pretty over the top look I attempted.  For anyone interested on my lid is Cosmic and in my crease is Eclispe, both from BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette. For the liner I put down the white liquid liner first then went over it with a black liquid liner.

I'm going to review this liner using a Pro and Con type of setup...

Goes over dark eye shadow with no problem whatsoever
Dries quickly
Stays all day

A bit watery
cracks a bit
hard to evenly apply another color of liquid liner on top of it
gets all over lashes
hard to control

The cons do outweigh the pros but I think this eyeliner has a time and a place so I do not regret buying it.

Here is a close up of how it gets all over your lashes making them stiff.  Mascara application becomes difficult because of this and its hard to cover up.

Overall this would be a nice liner for little white accents but because of its unfortunate cons I will not be attempting difficult and extravagant white liner techniques with this.

Where to buy:, ULTA, drugstores
Price: $7

Thursday, March 19, 2015

NYX Cosmetics Prismatic Shadow in Punk Heart

I don't know how I missed the release of these beautiful pigmented shimmery prismatic shadows but somehow I did.  I stopped at ULTA and my friend snagged a bunch so I decided to pick up Punk Heart.  I went into using these knowing absolutely nothing about them so I had no idea what to expect. 

So the packaging is super cute.  NYX took the traditional bow clasp design and made the lid silver which I think looks awesome.  However the color in the pan looked much pinker in store.  When I bought it I thought I was getting a raspberry shimmer, not a purple one.  After bringing it home I noticed that in indoor light it looks a bit more pink while in natural light it is very very purple.  

Because of the interesting prismatic effect I decided to swatch this a few ways to determine the best way to wear it.  The top swatch is over my Mary Kay eye primer, this is also how I ended up putting it on my lids.  Next I put it over NYX Milk.  I think this really took away from the prismatic shimmer and instead made it a bit more matte.  For some this may be a good thing, for others...don't put it over Milk.   Finally I used it wet with no primer.  It looked pretty similar to the dry over primer swatch however it did not last as long.  Therefore to get the best color payoff and longevity definitely use it over only a primer.

What I love best about this shadow is that I can throw it on all over my lid and pull of an interesting smokey eye, making it look like I actually tried. It naturally looks darker on the deeper parts of your eye and lighter on the parts that stick out, creating a natural halo effect. This is perfect for lazy days when you want to look like you put in effort. It is very easy to blend and I also I did not experience any creasing or fading when placed over primer.
On my lips is City Color Cosmetics Creamy Lip Stain in Flirtini.

Overall I really like this shadow and I may get another one.  I'm thinking either Mermaid or Golden Peach, I haven't decided yet. I'm such a sucker for pretty shimmer shadows.

Where to buy:, ULTA, Drugstores
Price: $6

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patrick's Day!

What is St Patrick's Day without a slightly over the top green eye look??? No fun, that's what!
I don't really like how I look with so much green on my eyes.  For me green is more of an accent color, therefore I only dress up my eyes in green once a year.
 I'm not 100% sure if I have any Irish in me but there is evidence that points to my last name on my father's side being a variation of an Irish name that could have been Americanized during immigration. So...yay for maybe being part Irish!

I used only green products on my eyes except for my mascara.  It was fun but this is definitely a once a year only FOTD.

To achieve this glorious green look I started by taking my Electric Palette and placing Freak all over my lid. Then I took Fringe and applied it in my crease and inner corner to create a halo effect. I also lightly blended Fringe and Freak under my eye with Freak being closer to my inner corner. Next I finally got to use Ulta's precision liquid liner in Forest Green (which is seems they are already discontinued...that was fast.  Probably for good reason, they aren't that great) and used it to line my lid and create a small wing.  Finally I grabbed my NYX liquid crystal liner in Crystal Jade to add a line of green glitter to my lower lashline.  


Also take notice to my super cute shamrock earrings. I have no idea where I got them but without fail I have worn them once a year for St Patrick's Day for the past 5 years.
On my lips is Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Mystic Plum.

Whether you actually celebrate St. Patrick's Day or just use it as an excuse to wear green with crazy green makeup, I hope you have a happy one!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Kamelot Haven Makeup

Recently Kamelot has announced the release of a new album on May 5th.
After Nightwish's lack luster album cover reveal I was totally blown away by Kamelot's! I love it and I need a shirt with this design.  NEED. Anyway because I like mixing my interests as much as possible I decided to attempt copying the makeup of the girl as closely as I could.  There wasn't much to work with but I gave it a go.

Here is the album cover for reference.  From this you can see she is wearing a thick upper eye liner with a dark even shadow all over the lid almost up to the eyebrows.  Also there is a lot of black shadow smudged underneath her eyes.  The lips look pale and almost skin colored.

So here is me! 
All over my lid I applied Haywire by NYX Cosmetics.  I then created the thick liner using Urban Decay's liner in Zero.  Finally using Black Out by Urban Decay as well I smudged black under my eyes.  For my lips, I just dabbed them with powder foundation.  I really wish I would have had some false lashes in order to match even better.

I thought this would look pretty ridiculous in any position other than the eyes closed profile but honestly I don't hate it.  If I wore this in public everyone would probably attempt to avoid me out of fear, but I would definitely look dark and fabulous.  

Ok I always seem to do something embarrassing every time I use symphonic metal as a source of makeup inspiration. So here is me photoshopped onto the album cover.  I'm not near as adorable as the model they used and my facial features didn't line up quite right.  My eye is almost completely covered by hair :(
But all that aside I think I did an ok job for not being a photoshop master. 

I can't wait for the first single to be released! <3

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sparitual Nail Polish in Off The Grid

Every time I go home I like to sneak over to my mom's room and pick out one of her nail polishes to use.  She has a ton so its always fun to try something new!  This time a certain color really caught my eye because of its intense shimmer and awesome color shifts.

That nail polish is Off The Grid by Sparitual.  I had never heard of this brand but I'm pleased with it so far.  The polish went on opaque and easily.  It also lasted a few days before chipping badly.  My favorite thing about it is the really neat color shift from blue to green to yellow.  It was hard to capture via camera but believe me when I say this color is breathtaking in person! 

Where to buy:, certain spas
Price: $8

Thursday, March 12, 2015

NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel

As you probably already know NYX recently released two new lip lines, an intense butter gloss and a high voltage lipstick.  While I was hoping to snag one from each collection ULTA was out of stock of the high voltage I wanted (don't worry I'm ordering it online). Today I will be sharing the very last Berry Strudel intense butter gloss that I snagged off the shelf a few days ago. I'm a sucker for purple so of course I had to have this intense purple gloss

As far as pigmentation this wins every award ever.  I can hardly believe its a gloss after applying.  It is so friggin pigmented!! It applies very easily, just be careful not to stray outside the lines as it is very opaque. It is not perfect definitely lacks in the wear time department.  It stays for a few hours however the color towards the center of the mouth disappears rather quickly.  

In order to remedy this I will probably not wear this gloss alone.

Instead I'll throw it on over NYX's macaron lippie in Violet! Yay! Now the issue of any lightly covered glossy spots is gone, plus if it starts to wear in the middle the lipstick underneath will keep the color looking perfect.  It also makes both colors last longer than they would alone.

Here is a full face of me with Berry Strudel over Violet. I love it so much.

While I really like this one I will probably not be grabbing more just because I'm not really a gloss fan and none of the other colors really stand out to me.  If I were to pick up another one it would probably be Toasted Marshmallow.

Where to buy:, ULTA, drugstores
Price: $6

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Haul

I have placed yet another order with Hello Waffle Cosmetics! I didn't go too crazy however and only picked up a full size shadow, a half size, and a sample.  

The three shadows I decided on were Hisster Prynne, Catticus Finch, and Ethereal Voice. 

I have already swatched Hisster Prynne in a previous post but look at that art, how could I not show it again!? I love this color because it is right on the border between red and pink.  It can make an eye look go from normal to intense in 5 seconds. I love it! 

The halfing shadow I decided on was Catticus Finch.  This is a really really pretty light lavender with gold sparkles.  This is the hardest color I have ever tried to photograph.  In the container it looks grey and on my wrist it looks almost blueish. Whyyyy. It is light grey purple, I promise. On my eyes it loses the goldish shimmer and is mostly just a pale lavender. I was expecting a bit more from it so I'm glad I only picked up the halfling size, but even though I was a bit underwhelmed I like it nonetheless!

For my sample I asked to try Ethereal Voice and the company delivered! This is a very pretty dark purple shade with gold shimmer.  I will definitely enjoy using the sample however it is not quite as unique as I was hoping. I already have quite a few dark purples that look just like this when blended into my crease.  

Sorry about the strange lighting....I was at my parents house and didn't have the levels of natural and artificial light that I'm used to working with.
For this look I used Catticus Finch on my lid, Ethereal Voice in my crease, and Hisster Prynne on m lower lashline.  I love the combination of Catticus and Hisster.  I have been lightly dabbing Hisster over Catticus to create a really interesting lavender with red shimmer kind of shadow look.  
To get an idea of what Catticus Finch looks really like refer to the full face shot. I could not get it to show up correctly on the eye only pics.  I really wish it was lip safe!
On my lips is Maybelline Color Whisper in Plum Prospect.

Where to buy:

Full- $7.75 CAD (~$6.14)
Half- $4.15 CAD (~$3.29)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Winter Has Come Haul

Because of how pleased I was with my spring soap box I decided to use my 10 off coupon to purchase a few items from Fortune Cookie Soap's Game of Thrones inspired Winter Has Come Collection!

I picked up a moisturizer, perfume oil, and body mist. This is supposed to be seasonal but on Facebook they hinted to potentially make it permanent due to its popularity.

Keep It In The Family Perfume Oil

"Cersei and Jaime... Still a better love story than that Vampire series... 
A fragrance as feminine, cultured, elegant, and powerful as the Queen Regent herself: a stunning bouquet of sensual burgundy roses, carnations, and white florals with nuances of burgundy wine, sandalwood, and a hint of musk. "

Initial Sniff:  I guess I will do this review from least to most favorite!  I was expecting such a different smell from this perfume, it is not what I thought it would be at all.  Actually on first sniff I hated it. There is a very obnoxiously strong and unpleasant top note that I can't quite place.  I really don't smell any rose either. However a few days after purchasing out of the bottle the smell isn't as unpleasant.  I'm not sure if I'm getting used to it or what...

On The Skin:  It smells much better on the skin, which I guess for a perfume is what really matters,  That weird strong top note dies down so its much more bearable.  I still can't pick out the rose but it is definitely floral. I don't think this is a scent for young girls.  I'm not even sure if I'm old enough to pull it of.  I wish I could do a better job of explaining this scent but its not something I have ever smelled before, I can't pick up on any familiar scents.

Verdict:  All the reviews I've read of this have been absolutely positive.  Everyone is saying how much they adore it but I'm just not smelling what they are I suppose.  One person even said the rose is too much for them while I don't smell any rose at all.   It does last a while however, about 4-5 hours on me.  Overall, I kind of wish I'd have gone with the Moon Door Linen Spray instead of this.

Price: $6-$9

The Imp Mist Me

""I am the god of tits and wine." Yep... impin' ain't easy.
A rich blend of fresh black cherries, white wine, mahogany and teak woods, and a spicy note of freshly grated black pepper."

Initial Sniff: The black cherry aspect of this is very strong.  If you do not like black cherries I would not recommend this. Some people have said this smells like cherry cough syrup, however I do not get that at all.  To me it smells just like red wine sangria! Yum! I can't pick up on the black pepper, however it's probably for the best as I don't like pepper.

In Action:  I like spraying this on my hair.  It really does make it feel nice as soft, especially after putting in my hair putty which tends to crunch it up a bit. I play with my hair a lot so now every time I fluff it up I get a nice whiff of sangria! I may like wine a bit too much...

Verdict:  I very much like this!  Even if the scent is not super long lasting the skin and hair softening properties are very nice and I will definitely be enjoying this.

Price: $10

Mother of Dragons Whipped Cream

"When I grow up, I wanna be naked, fireproof, and covered in dragons, too!
Creamy french vanilla soy milk, sweet florals, and a nutty almond base."

Initial Sniff: Now for my favorite product!! I love that these indie brands can fuel my Daenarys addiction. I now have a Mother of Dragons moisturizer and eye shadow.  Reading the description I knew I was going to adore this scent. Every part of it is something I love, and oh man do I sure love it. On first sniff the florals definitely come through most strongly.  Then right underneath that is a glorious vanilla nutty scent.  Gah I love it! It's so soft and beautiful and elegant.  

In Action:  This body butter is very thick and creamy, it rubs in well, and the smell lingers on the skin for a few hours.  Its not the most moisturizing lotion I've ever used but I think it will be perfect for spring, summer, and fall when this intense winter dryness leaves me alone.... it also does not irritate the skin on my hands like some scented body lotions do, so yay!

Verdict: I adore this and keep putting it on just to smell it. So lovely.  I'm glad there is a ton of product in the jar because I will be using every last bit of it!

Here is a close up of the lotion.  As you can see its quite thick and is tinted a slight orange color.

Price: $13

While overall I think I liked the scents from the spring soap box better, I am definitely pleased with this order.  I may still pick up the Moon Door linen spray when and if I'm able to place an order for the currently sold out spring items. Every time I smell my Who Are You incense cones I imagine owning that scent in every bath and body product imaginable....maybe one day.

Where to buy:

Friday, March 6, 2015

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw

Today I have for you one of my favorite lip colors out of Sephora's Give me More Lip set from 2014. Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw! This red rivals MAC's Russian Red for me, that's how much I like it!

It has the same bold red color that is pretty much universally flattering.  It actually beats out Russian Red as far as application.  The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply while I need to break out my lip brush to use Russian Red.  It lacks a bit in the matte factor so I feel like that aspect is what really sets them apart.  If I want matte I'll reach for Russian Red, if I'm feeling more of a satin finish I'll grab this one.  I have not experienced much bleeding with this and it is also not too drying.  The staying power is just as good as Russian Red.  I can eat a meal, brush my teeth, do a bit of light kissing...and it will stay put! Whether you need your lipstick to last through hours of dancing or work, this will definitely do the trick! I've never used any other colors from their liquid lipstick collection so I cannot compare its performance to other shades. However it is definitely superior to their Studded Kiss lipstick line.

Overall I'm a fan and based on this I would buy more from this collection.

Where to buy: Sephora
Price: $20

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Matte Black Nail with White Dot Design

I received a Sephora nail art kit for Christmas and have been trying to experiment with all the different tools. Today I decided to use the white polish that comes with a pen fixture, perfect for drawing or dotting!

To get this look I applied Zoya's Noot (I use this so much I might actually run out!) and then put a matte top coat over it.  I use Sally Hansen's Big Matte top coat. I then took the little Sephora dotting pen and dotted away! It was so easy and the result is so cute! I love the minimalism. 
I can't believe those weird bulgy dot things on my nails! Even when I examine my nails close up I can barely make out the raised camera plus the lighting must have seriously brought them out. So sorry for their unsightliness.  My nails look flawless in real life I promsie! Haha.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Ethereal Smokey Eye

Today's FOTD was completely unplanned.  I woke up and knew I wanted to do something dark but nothing too crazy.  I think I found the perfect combo between interesting, dark, and wearable.

I started by placing Urban from the Electric Palette all over my lid and into my crease.  I then patted Black Out by Urban Decay onto my lid and slightly blended it into the purple. I then attempted to create a slight halo effect by lightly dabbing Mother of Dragons by Shiro Cosmetics onto the center of my eyelid.  I love how it turned out!! Lightly putting Mother of Dragons over a matte black creates this really interesting ethereal shimmer on the eyes.  I will definitely be doing this again! It takes a dark look and makes a bit less heavy and a lot more enchanting.
On my lips is Ches Desire Cat by JCat Beauty applied lightly. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Wonderland Spring 2015 Soap Box

I was alerted via Instagram that a certain indie soap company had just released a Game of Thrones collection with a Mother of Dragons themed item.  Obviously I had to go check it out and ended up subscribing to their seasonal soap box....Oops!
I saw the spring theme would be Alice in Wonderland so I jumped at the opportunity to get some cute Wonderland themed soap items.  Plus spring and fall are my two favorite seasons for scents so I definitely didn't want to miss this!

Here are the contents in all their cute and delicious smelling glory.  It all fit in a small box and was packaged with the green paper bits.  They worked nicely for the photographs! I'm going to go through each item one by one and talk about what I loved about it and how it performed.

Almost Alice Fortune Cookie Soap

Initial Sniff: This soap has a very light, pleasant, fresh, and clean scent to it.  The pear really makes this a lovely soap. Even though its a nice scent, compared to everything else in the box its one of my least favorites. -/ I love the cute fortune cookie shape so much it's going to make me sad using it! But the website said it should keep its shape through 50 washes!

In Action:]=[' While this soap smells awesome, that smell doesn't really transfer to the hands after use.  It lathers up fairly nice and seems to clean as well as one would expect from a hand soap.  However the scent it leaves behind is just...soapy?  I can still pick up a bit of the pear but a lot of the other notes are lost. It does however make my sink area smell like delicious pears, which is nice.

Verdict: This is a pretty light smelling soap to begin with so their heavier scented ones may perform better as far as lingering on the hands.  Personally I prefer liquid soaps so I'm not sure if I'd buy one of these, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts! 

Price: $4.25

Twisted Tea Party Bath Tea

From The Bag:  This is also very refreshing but a bit less light than the fortune cookie soap.  For me the cucumber really stands out but not too strongly.  I love the addition of the green tea.  The spearmint is there but not too overpowering. Overall very invigorating, this would be a good in a morning bath.

In Action: I've never even heard of a bath tea before so using this was pretty exciting! And....I think I might have done something wrong.  I dropped it in my hot bath and waited....and waited....and nothing really happened.  After a bit I tried squeezing it to get the smell to come out faster into the water but I ended up accidentally puncturing the bag and getting the insides everywhere.  Oh well....

Verdict: It doesn't make bubbles and super smelly awesomeness so while this might be good for some people its not really my thing.

Price: $15

Who Are You? Incense Cones

From The Pouch: These smell delicious!!! Aaah! So exotic and mysterious.  I love the lime and pear plus anything with vanilla is going to be a winner with me!

In Action: Well I've never used incense before so this will definitely take some time to master.  I tried lighting one up but it smoked so much I was nervous about it setting off my tiny apartments fire alarm.  I also couldn't smell anything but smoke. I'll be trying this again when I go home for spring break.  In the meantime I'm storing them in the satchel in my medicine cabinet so every time I go to wash my face or grab a q tip I am assaulted by deliciousness.

Verdict:  After sitting in my cupboard for a day or so every time I open it I get blasted by this amazing scent. Even if they don't work out as incense I'm so glad they will be working just as well as an air freshener.  Perhaps I'll buy if I can figure out this incense thing, haha!

Price: $10

It's Only A Dream Whipped Cream

From The Jar:  Oh. My. God.  This scent is freaking wonderful! Beautiful wonderful amazing rose is what I get on the first sniff.  It is mixed with  a lovely array of other florals and citrus...oh god I love it.

In Action:  This moisturizer feels lovely when applying and rubs in effortlessly.  It does not cause any sort of rashes on my hands as some heavily scented moisturizers tend to do. The scent also lasts insanely long! I could still smell this on my hands after 4 hours!! Wow!

Verdict: This is without a doubt my favorite product from the box.  The smell is amazing and the scent sticks around.  I ordered the Mother of Dragons whipped cream so hopefully it performs just as well as this one! Be right back I have to rub more of this into my skin.

Price for full size: $11

Off With Their Heads! Bath Bomb

Initial Sniff: The smell of the oranges is what I notice first but I can also pick up on the lemon.  This is very fruity but pleasant. The egyptian musk makes it a bit more relaxing than the bath tea so I'd probably use this for a nighttime bath.

In Action: I've never used a bath bomb before so once again I was very anxious to try it out. It was almost too cute to toss in the tub! But I did, and it was awesome! It fizzed all over the place and left behind a lovely smell and some little flower petals. I closed my eyes, listened to some Blackmore's Night and enjoyed the aroma.  10/10 would bathe again.

Verdict: This made for a really unique and relaxing bath time experience.  However I can't justify spending upwards of $6 on a single bath! Maybe when I'm not a student I'll have that kind of money to drop frequently, but for now I'll just enjoy them if they come in a future subscription box.

Price: $7

Futterwacken Body Wash

From The Bottle:  Mmmmmm delicious grapefuit! I love grapefruit and have actually recently finished off a grapefuit body wash, so receiving this was perfect! The bright orange color is also really neat.

In Action: It pours out easily and suds up in my shower poof nicely.  A little bit went a long way as far as creating sudsy shower time awesomeness.  It smells wonderful and I'm really going  to enjoy using this for my morning showers.

Verdict: I really love it!  I could definitely see ordering body wash from them in the future.  

Price full size: $11

Eat Me Perfume Oil

From The Bottle: When sniffing from the vial I am overwhelmed by the scent of sweet sweet pineapples.  It actually smells quite nice and I was very excited to try this on.

In Action:  When it is first put on the skin it smells kind of strange.  Not very pleasant at all....However as it sits for about an hour that weird after smell starts to fade and I get a faint scent of pineapple cake. The scent is not too strong, perhaps I'm just used to Possets, but I really have to focus when I smell my wrists in order to pick up on the pineapple and cake undertones. It lasts about 2-3 hours. I could perhaps see myself using this in the summer at the beach or pool when I do not care too much about how I look or smell and just want something subtle.

Verdict: Honestly this is probably my least favorite item in the box.  It just doesn't sit well on the skin. The smell has a weird undertone to it that I can't place but it's something odd....perhaps it's the cilantro note? I'm not really familiar with what cilantro smells like.  Other reviews of this have said its their favorite product from the box so I suppose it just depends on the person.  I've already bought the perfume oil from their Winter is Coming collection so I'm really hoping it performs better than this one....

Price: $6

We're All Mad Here Hand Sanitizer
From the Bottle: The mint is very strong right out of the container.  Even though I'm not a fan of mint the greens and cedarwood help balance it out a bit to create an overall pleasant odor. It also looks like it contains swirls of sparkle.
In Action: I love how this smells on my skin way more than in the bottle!  When you first rub in into your hands all you can smell is the alcohol but of course since alcohol is extremely volatile it evaporates fairly quickly leaving being a decently long lasting scent, about 30 minutes.  Now the musky cedarwood and leafy greens are what takes center stage creating a delightful floral woody scent.  So lovely! Also the sparkle doesn't seem to show on my hands, which I'm totally ok with.
Verdict: I love it! The smells lasts way longer on my hands than my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers.  I would definitely buy more of these. As someone who works in a lab, has pet rats, and has recently started exercising I use hand sanitizer quite often so this product is perfect for me. 

Price: $2.89- $6.49

Bonus Butterfly!
The box also came with this super cute slightly dilapidated butterfly! I think I'm going to find a way to attach it to my bathroom mirror.

As for the green packaging paper, I think my rats will thoroughly enjoy using it as some pretty colored bedding.

I love that I can 100% use every single product from this  box. After being disappointed by Ipsy one too many times this is a very nice surprise.

I want all the things in It's Only a Dream and Who Are You? Unfortunately everything sold out within minutes of I'm really really hoping I can get some shampoo, whipped cream, and perfume oils of those two scents once they restock.

Overall: This box is $20 including shipping which means each product cost me about $2.50.  With how long a few of these are going to last, I'd say this subscription is more than worth it! I had so much fun with all these products and I'll definitely be keeping my subscription.
Every box also comes with a $10 coupon code for the store! How awesome is that! Unfortunately shipping is pretty pricey but it still covers shipping plus a few dollars towards a product you really want.  It's meant to be spent to get your favorite full sized box products but I shared mine with a friend and used it early to pick up some items from their Winter is Coming collection.
I can't wait for the summer box!!!!