Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sample Shiro Eye Shadow Swatches

To start I just wanna say I love Shiro Cosmetics and the owner Caitlin.  The products are amazing and she is so sweet and goes out of her way to make her customers happy.  I have collected a total of 12 sample sized shadows that I have pressed (some successfully some not) and put into a single palette.  I also have some of her lipsticks but that is for another post :)

So here they are all pretty and sparkly.  I pressed them all the same way, some pressed perfectly, others just won't hold.  I'm guessing its the formula.  Also most of these aren't even whole $1.00 samples.  I split a few of these with my friend and there was still a ton of product left to press!

Top Row:
Philosopher's Stone (Fullmetal Alchemist): A very pretty red. I received this as a free gift with an order.
Nayru's Love (Legend of Zelda): A light shimmery blue. I received this as a free gift with purchase as well.
Masterball (Pokemon): A Purpley Red. I love this color and would probably repurchase in the future.
Majora's Mask: A sheer sparkly purple. Very pretty but too sheer for me, received as a gift with purchase.

Middle Row:
Not Very Effective (Pokemon): A deep purple with red sparkles. I LOVE this color and have already purchased the full size.
Twilight Realm (Legend of Zelda): A silvery blue.
Alkahestry (Fullmetal Alchemist): This is a light purple with all kinds of blue and purple sparkle.  I used half of my sample to make a custom lip gloss. 
Housewife (Fullmetal Alchemist): A shimmery silver.  I received this one as a gift with purchase.

Bottom Row:
Rupee (Legend of Zelda): A green with gold sparkles.  I don't wear green much but its a nice color.
Elite Four (Pokemon): A really nice purple with gold sparkles.  I might repurchase this.
Colonel (Fullmetal Alchemist): A dark blue with gold sparkles.  I only bought this because Colonel Mustang is my favorite character I havn't worn it much, haha.
Rebellion (The Hunger Games): It looks like a almost black purple in the pan but swatches mostly black. This was a gift with purchase.

Where to buy:
Price: Sample $1, Mini $3.50, Full $5

Affordable and beautiful, I highly recommend anything from Shiro Cosmetics. Look forward to some looks done with these shadows!

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