Monday, August 31, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Old Hollywood Fall 2015 Soap Box

It is August and I have received my first Fortune Cookie Soap fall soap box! Unfortunately this box is probably my least favorite for a few reasons. First, the theme just isn't my thing.  I love Alice in Wonderland, I love Peter Pan, but Old Hollywood?  Unfortunately most of the names are lost on me.  Also I just did not appreciate the scents as much.  There are a few I adore but definitely not as many as previous boxes....and its Fall....with no pumpkin spice?! I was a little disappointed.

So the theme is Old Hollywood with some of the names being long, hard to remember, and not making any sense as far as the scents go.

Here is the picture of the whole box!  Overall the presentation is great.  I love the star shaped wax tart and the custom perfume bottle.  The little extra this time was two pearls.  Perhaps I'll turn them into earrings! 

Let's get to reviewing!

Dressed To Kill Fortune Cookie Soap

Initial Sniff: Unfortunately the soapy smell overpowers the scent so it is hard for me to really say if I like this one or not....I smell spiced soap.

In Action: It works as all the others have and also makes my sink area smell like spiced soap, which is kinda nice I suppose.

Verdict: The description of this sounded, vanilla, apples.......but I'm really not a fan.

Famous Wax Tart

Initial Sniff: Very lovely. Fruity, spicy, relaxing, fun.  That is what I think of when I smell this. Even though its floral based and not fruity, haha oh well.

In Action:  Watching this melt was really sad because the tart was just so cute and pretty! 

 But while it disappeared it made my apartment smell nice.  The scent on this one isn't super overpowering and noticeable but it is still nice. 

Verdict: I wouldn't get this a wax tart but I'll definitely pick up some things in this scent! One of my favorites!

Glitz & Glamour Hand Sanitizer

Initial Sniff: This is a very light scent so from the bottle all that can be smelled is alcohol

In Action: Once rubbed on to the hands and allowed to dry it smells spices....I'm not sure.  It is hard for me to pick out notes and the description is moss, wood, and vanilla..... right.

Verdict: Not a fan.

Hollywood Dreams Shampoo Bar

Initial Sniff: Holy crap. This little bar packs so much scent it is ridiculous.  It makes my entire shower smell like sugary sweet graham crackers. I actually can't stand smelling this for too long, it makes me a bit nauseous.

In Action: I LOVE the shampoo bars, they suds up sooo nicely.  I do not think the smell lingers (which in this case, yay!) but my hair is also short so I can't really take a strand of it and sniff.....

Verdict: Nope, once again not for me.  Too eye wateringly sweet and strong.

Pearls & Girls Perfume Oil

Initial Sniff: Oh. So. Lovely. Yes. Sweet fruity delicious pears and comforting vanilla. Amazing.  My absolute favorite scent.

In Action: I don't like the spray bottle....I feel like half hits my wrist and the other half is lost to the air.  The bottle design is adorable though (even if I got it in my least favorite color) would have liked it better as a roller ball. As for the perfume though it smells so lovely and is just so me.  It lasts for at least 4 hours.

Verdict: This is amazing I need this.

American Royalty

Initial Sniff: This smells gross to me.  I can't even describe it, its like sour and weird and just no.

In Action: I don't really feel like this does anything....maybe I'm using it wrong?  I prefer matte hair products as well so I'm not sure I like the shine this adds.  Also I hate the smell so I don't really like using it in the first place.

Verdict: Gross.

Scandal Bath Powder

Initial Sniff: This scent as the weirdest can something smell like creaking woods and windy leaves? To me it smells like a spicy mens cologne.  Personally I'm not a fan.

In Action: I dumped it all in my bath and honestly was a bit underwhelmed.  From how strong this smelled out of the bag I expected it to bring my bath to life but the scent was very weak. 

Verdict: Not a fan of the scent and unfortunately not the bath powder either. I wish I'd have tried this before purchasing a full sized bath powder.....but maybe I'll have better luck next time. 

Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats Whipped Cream

Initial Sniff: Mmmmmm so warm and comforting, this smells like my grandmothers house during the holidays. Yummy toasted marshmallows is what I smell the most and I love it.

In Action: Makes me smell like sweet deliciousness...oh and moisturizes too!

Verdict: I wouldn't really want to walk around smelling like this in public but as a wax tart it would be AMAZING.

Overall this is definitely my least favorite soap box of the three I've gotten so far.  The scents were just not very me.  Hopefully I'll have better luck with the winter box, however I'm nervous as I absolutely despise peppermint.....

I ended up ordering the following: 

Groovy Beech Soap Dish, for my shampoo/conditioner bar

TOMMY GUNS & BASEBALL BATS Talkin' Smack Lip Scrub, because the wax tart was sold out

PEARLS & GIRLS Sugar Scrub, love the scent and haven't tried their sugar scrub

PEARLS & GIRLS Bath Powder, same as above

FAMOUS Foaming Hand Soap, loved the scent, needed more hand soap

FAMOUS Bar Soap, just because!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Diamond Candle Peachy Mango

I have been seeing this brand advertised on Facebook quite often and finally saw a pretty sweet coupon offer and decided to try it out!  I figure if the ring sucks at least I have a candle and if the candle sucks at least I have a ring! Here is my experience with this company.

I actually bought two candles, one in Peachy Mango and the other in Red Velvet Cake but I'm waiting to burn the later in the fall, and also left it at my parents house so I did not currently have it to take pictures of. I love everything peach mango so I figured I couldn't go wrong with this candle! I love that every candle has its own unique artwork on it, and as you can see I've already put quite a few hours into burning it.  It smells delightful, exactly as I expected and creates a nice aroma in the immediate area.  If its in my kitchen burning, I cannot smell it from the living room however, which for a $25 candle, I kind of expected that. I'm going to come out and say it, I don't think these are worth $25 each but if you can get any sort of coupon code, I would recommend giving them a try! My coupon gave me $15 off with free shipping and overall I think my experience was worth it for that price.

So the way this works is each candle costs $25, and contains a $10 ring in what they say are "common sizes".  Being of an average body type I figured I'd be fine, but if your ring size is either abnormally larger or smaller than average you may not want to take this risk.  Within each candle a code is also included for a chance to win a ring worth $100-$5000, my code was a dud, obviously, I'm not that lucky. :P
But if you do win you can pick the size and style of your prize. 

So here is the ring I got.  I seriously lucked out BIG time.  I'm really picky about colors.  I hate gold, orange, yellow, olive, brown.....basically I was really nervous I'd get a gold ring with an orange gem or something and be totally disappointed.  I ABOUT DROPPED THE RING WHEN I FISHED IT OUT OF THE CANDLE. It's silver, which is the only metal I wear, the gem is red which is one of my absolute favorite colors of gem stone besides purple, the design is elegant and not bulky, and it FITS! Kind of. It is a tad too big for my ring finger but too small for all my others.  I'd say its probably a size 7 because generally I wear an 8 on my middle and pointer and a 7 on my ring finger.

Even though it isn't a perfect fit I think for $10 this ring is totally amazing. It is the right color and style for my personality and even if its a bit big I can still wear it no problem.  I'm very excited to see what kind of ring I got in my Red Velvet candle now! But I'm trying to make myself wait for this one to be used up before I change over.

Overall, this is a really cute and fun idea. If you have a candle loving woman in your life this would make a perfect gift. I'm not sure I'd buy more than these two because I don't really have a use for that many rings but I definitely would not be sad if I received one as a present!

Where to buy:
Price: $25

Monday, August 24, 2015

Jamberry Silver Floral

Four months ago when I attempted to apply my first ever Jamberry nail wrap I had a very very abysmal time.  It was wrinkly and horrible and I felt really discouraged.  Little did I know that I had started with a metallic finish wrap, which are the absolute hardest to apply.  Now its been four months and I wanted to reshow you Silver Floral, over the same nail polish as last time so you can see how nice metallics can actually look, haha!

This wrap is so gorgeous especially over dark polishes.  Like last time this is Zoya's Belinda.  The dark makes the silver shine so wonderfully, and it really catches the eye.  I love this wrap and is at the moment my favorite clear one that I've used.

Here is a comparison, my current attempt on the left and my first ever attempt on the right.  Hopefully you can see that my left attempt is barely attached at the base, there are wrinkles all up the side, and a large one at the tip.  This wrap lasted about two days.  However now I have found that the baggy method, where you pull down tightly with a baggy over the nail while you heat, makes applying metallics as easy as any other type of wrap.  It gets out wrinkles that won't come out with your finger or a cuticle pusher and it really helps seal down the edges.  I may make my own application video soon to show you all how I like to apply my wraps.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Colourpop Cosmetics Super Shock Eye Shadow in Liberty and I Heart This

When I placed my Colourpop order for the 4 Ultra Matte lipsticks I wanted I needed to put a few more things in my cart to get free shipping so of course I had to give their eye shadows a try!  I heard some good things about their Super Shock shadows and while I like my lips matte I tend to prefer my eyes to obnoxiously sparkle. Oh boy do these deliver.

I decided to get Liberty, a very metallic silver and I <3 This, a shimmery taupe.

Yes I <3 This does have the same name as the pink lipstick I swatched a while back.  It confused me too at first when I was looking up swatches. These swatches are with two coats over no primer.

Liberty is basically tin man silver. It is intense, its shimmery, and its oh so metallic. I love it. It really makes my eyes pop and while it is an intense true silver, I don't think it is all that crazy looking with a bit of a dark matte shadow blended into the crease. It provides a very wearable pop of metal! The formula itself is like butter.  You apply these using the finger so all it takes is to lightly swipe your finger in the shadow and then dab it on the lid.  

I didn't do my whole lid with I <3 This because this is the way I see myself wearing it most often, at the inner corner blended into another sparkly pop of color.  It is much more neutral and less intense and metallic than Liberty, but that also makes it an amazing every day shadow.  I was hoping it would be a bit more on the grey side, instead I think it is much golder than I was thinking.  I still think it looks great on me though so I will definitely be getting use out of it!

Overall these shadows are great and I will definitely be buying more if I ever make another Colourpop order!

Where to buy:
Price: $5

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jamberry Purple Mini Polka

I know another long gap between posts....There is a reason, I swear!  I went back to campus last week after visiting home and.....forgot my laptop charger.  So I was able to take some pictures but unable to get them on my laptop because of it being dead and everything.  Then I went on a long vacation to Seneca Lake in New York with the family and my friend.  Lots of wine and boats, it was a great time! :)
Anyway here is a nail wrap that is part of the Going Going Gone! which means it is getting retired at the end of August.  This is the only polka dot design that they have that I like so I'm sad to see it go but hopefully it gets replaced by something even better!

I had these on for about 5 days before I got around to taking a picture so there is a bit of wrinkling occurring, which really seems to happen when the humidity is so high and I sweat as soon as I walk outside....sigh.

Anyway I had my Jamberry party and got $250 which means I get the August hostess exclusive and a bunch of discounts! YAY!!!

Look forward to some makeup posts! I bought a few fun things to share with you!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jamberry Marsala in Bloom

I cannot believe how long its been since I've updated.  Life has been so crazy.....
I finally finished teaching chemistry lab for the summer semester and I think I'm changing from the PhD to Masters program after months of deliberation.
I had a few posts lined up on my camera but when I went to put them on my computer I learned that my SD card and corrupted at some point and I lost everything which definitely has not helped my motivation to make new posts.  I lost a lot of really cute Jamberry pictures and a few makeup reviews, but hopefully I'll be able to redo them at some point soon!


Last week I wore my Marsala in Bloom Jamberry wrap! Marsala is such a pretty color and I absolutely love foral designs so I knew I had to have this one. Unfortunately it is among the ones being retired this month to make room for the new wraps in September so if you've had your eye on this, don't hesitate!! I have noticed that when I apply on a particularly hot day the humidity makes my nails wrinkle easier....I cannot wait for fall to get here so I can continue to have flawless and long lasting nail wraps.  I hate this 90+ degree weather. Ugh.

My prop for this picture is my new Thai Basil plant! Yay! It smells so nice and I love being able to just pluck a leaf off to season my dinner.

I am actually hosting a Jamberry party this week so if you've been thinking of trying these out already, why not help me reach my party goals as well? :D
If you want to place an order between now and August 12th and help me out do so from this website: and select my party upon checkout (Kimbre's Krazy Awesome Nails!)

Sorry for the hiatus hopefully I can get back into frequent updating!