Monday, April 7, 2014

Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set Normal/Dry

So this is more of a show and tell rather than a review simply because this is my very first skin care set so I don't have very much to compare it to.  Before this I used a cheap Ulta cleanser and whatever moisturizer sample my mom had given me.  I have been using this set every day since November and the night solution since May.  If nothing else every morning when I wake up I feel my face and thing holy crap my skin is freaking soft.  I don't really have wrinkles yet so there is not much I can say as far as its anti aging powers so I'm going to leave that part to SCIENCE.  Aka this is what Mary Kay's 12 week clinical trials say about the skin care set:
83% had a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
25% had an improvementi n skin elasticity
100% had softer more supple skin (oooh yes)
46% improvement in more even skin tone
This set contains a cleanser, a day solution, a night solution, and a moisturizer.  It says it will last 3 months, yeah right I have no idea where they got those numbers from.  I've had mine for three months and the only thing that looks close to being empty is the moisturizer.  I'm also on my second night solution, the first one lasted me 8 months.

First here is the Dry/Normal cleanser.  This set also comes in a Oily/Combination set in which the cleanser will be clear as it contains less moisturizers and more oil fighting ingredients. The little pink dots are little exfoliating beads that provide gentle exfoliation upon each use.

The cleanser suds up on your face like so! 

Here is a close up of the night solution.  When pumped those pretty little beads break and provide a fresh dose of peptides to your skin, how nice.  This stuff feels super cool and after using it for a few weeks I noticed the redness in my face improved.

This is to show the consistency of the day and night solution.  The day solution is super runny and I usually squirt it into the palm of my hand while the night solution is a bit more viscous and I usually dispense that onto my finger tip. The day solution contains botanicals that energize the cells and spf 25 to protect against against those stupid uva and uvb rays.  The night solution contains peptides that stimulate collagen to help smooth and firm the skin.  These both contain the heavy duty anti aging ingredients as well.

Here is the moisturizer.  I have been using moisturizer for quite some time before this and every year like  clock work I would get an eczema patch on my jaw and on my forehead once the cold weather began.  I acquired this set in November and only three days after using it my eczema patches disappeared.  I would just apply a little extra to that location and after a week it wasn't even necessary to focus the application anymore.  I WAS SO HAPPY.

Like I said I do not have much to compare this skin care set to but I definitely really like the way it makes my skin feel and will probably continue to use it in the future. I'm already on my second bottle of the night solution!

Where to buy: Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
Price: $90

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