Thursday, April 10, 2014

Custom Natural and Unnatural Lipstick Palettes

A little while ago I decided that my vanity was becoming way too cluttered by lipsticks that were:
- Too cheap to be worth using
-Dupes of other lipsticks that I liked much more
- Just plain unflattering
So I bought two 99 cent pill boxes from Walmart and got to melting!

First up is the "natural" palette for colors that I could easily wear out in public and no one would bat an eye. from left to right:

-Delux Beauty Vinne: Given to me by my mom, its quite nice but I already have tons of red lipsticks
-Revlon Violet Frenzy: pretty but a bit too sheer and boring for a purple lipstick lover like myself
-Revlon Supermodel: nice formula but the color is just not really me
-Custom: I made this by mixing a BareMinerals Lead the Way that melted during shipment and had to be replaced and the light pink end of Covergirls Pucker.
-Kleancolor Pink Seeker: cheap and dupeable
-Ulta Silver Heather: Another one my mom gave me, just a boring basic pink
Revlon Peach Parfait: oh god the sparkles

And the "unnatural" palette that contains colors that are either socially unacceptable, super bright, or just weird, I'm looking at you Iced Honey.
-Blackheart Beauty Poison Kiss: worst black lipstick ever.  Its not opaque and doesn't last long.

-Kleancolor Purple Machine: cheap, not a fan of the formula.
-CoverGirl Pucker: this is a double sided lipstick, I mixed the colors.  The staying power is great that it stains my lips for two days after :/
-Laura Geller Molten Magenta: I have at least 3 lipsticks in this exact color.  I got it as a gift.  Melting it down seemed to mess with the pigmentation.
-Kleancolor Cast of Spell: crappy formula
Kleancolor Sky Dive: I'm so glad I payed less than $1 for these.
NYX Iced Honey: got this in an ipsy bag. I love NYX but oh god this color is so unflattering on me.  I already don't wear beige nudes but on top of that its...frosty. Euugh.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the swatches of my lesser used lip products.  I would highly reccomend doing this if you hate throwing away makeup and want to make a nice travel palette.  I know I'll be taking the natural palette with me whenever I visit my boyfriend or go camping!


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