Saturday, July 19, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatches in Zurich, Antwerp, San Paulo, and Prague

I'm going to start by saying I FREAKING LOVE NYX SOFT MATTE LIP CREAMS. So anyway I've owned Antwerp and San Paulo for quite some time and recently picked up Zurich and Prague while NYX was 40% off at Ulta.  

I apologize for the weirdness of the swatches in this picture....uploading them to blogger seemed to up the contrast or something, they do not look like this in Photoshop....Anyway, why do I love NYX matte lip creams? Well its because they're matte first of all and I love me some matte! Also I feel like they last a decent time for their price.  I usually get 6 hours of wear if I do not eat or drink much and 4 hours if I do.

Before we begin I wanted to show off my super amazing Carl Sagan tank top <3

NYX soft matte lip cream zurich

First up is Zurich! I've been wearing this one to work fairly frequently since I bought it.  It is a very nice natural pinky nude that is thankfully flattering on me!

NYX soft matte lip cream antwerp

Next is Antwerp.  This is a light corally pink.  I tend to wear this when I wear dark blue because it just looks awesome.  Otherwise I tend to have a hard time pulling this color off.

NYX soft matte lip cream san paulo

San Paulo is a lip color I reach for a lot.  Its a deep reddish pink that goes with almost anything.  A super easy bold lip for any occasion!

NYX soft matte lip cream prague

Prague is a deep fuchsia and I have been wearing this every chance I get since picking it up. Its such a beautiful color and I think it works very well with my cool skin tone.

Which is your favorite matte lip cream?

Where to buy: Target, Ulta, Drugstores,
Price: $6



  1. your eyeliner look here is absolutely inspiring! thank you for the swatches, have been wondering about zurich and this post has been helpful c:

  2. I didn't think I wanted any of these but they look so great on you, I think I want to try them for myself! Thanks for the swatches!