Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MAC Rocky Horror 3D Black Glitter and Its Various Uses

Because the MAC Rocky Horror 3D Black glitter was so insanely pretty I had to snag it!  However I didn't really think about the fact that I have never used loose glitter before. Luckily my mom had a lash glue she wasn't a fan of so I've been using that to apply it, but I've since ordered Urban Decay's Bondage which works much better. Anyway, I've been experimenting with some different things and wanted to share my crazy antics! These techniques can easily be used with any loose glitter out there, doesn't have to be this one. Enjoy!

Here is the glitter in all its awesomeness...so pretty.  It has black, silver, green, red, blue....you name it, it will shine that color depending on how the light hits it.  I love it!
First up is simply using it as an eyeliner!

If you do this BE VERY CAREFUL. You do not want glitter in your eye it will suck very badly.  Just please be careful when using glitter around your eye....
This glitter can really glam up an eye look in an instant. So fun! However I think it prefer it under my eye rather than above. To do this I put glitter adhesive on my winged liner and patted the glitter over top with a small brush.

I find it much safer to use the glitter as an eye liner under the eye to minimize the chances of a spec damaging the cornea.

Next I'm going to use it as an eyeshadow enhancer.
I picked up Urban Decay's Bondage in order to use this glitter more effectively and discovered that it also works fairly well to create an all over sparkly eye shadow effect. I'm sorry I didn't do any close ups for this but up close it just looks...strange.  From a normal distance covering your eye lid in this glitter creates a super enchanting look.  However getting up as close as my camera does it looks very strange. 

To do this I lightly coated my entire eyelid with Bondage using the brush in the lid.  I was able to put it right on top of the eyeshadow I was already wearing and it didn't mess it up at all. Next I took a eye shadow brush and lightly dipped it in the glitter then carefully patted it onto my eyelid.  It suck really well and didn't budge until I took it off with makeup remover!
This glitter can seriously glam up an eye look in an instant. So fun!

Moving away from the eyes, next up is glitter lips!

A little less practical...but super fun nonetheless. Just be careful not to eat too much of it.  I did not put a lip gloss on top but if I ever wore it out I probably would in order to keep the glitter from going in my mouth or on my chin.

Mmm look at those sparkles.  To do this I put the 3D Black over NYX's Simply Vamp Lipstick in Temptress. To apply I simply patted the glitter onto my lips with my finger. This may be more practical if you use less glitter with some lip gloss.

And finally the last use I have for my glitter is as a nail polish.

This is super easy to do and the results are amazing.  I love my nails right now. To keep with the theme I put the Rocky Horror glitter on top of my Rocky Horror nail polish in Bad Fairy. 

To do this simply mix the glitter and a top coat or clear nail polish on a piece of plastic, then paint away!  I would recomend doing this with a cheap clear polish as you tend to have to use a lot, it also wastes some glitter, but there is so much of it in that jar I'm not really worried.

I hope you now have some fun new techniques to try with your loose glitter.  Have fun and don't get it in your eye!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Pure Pigment Eye Dust Swatches

I recently placed an order at Jesse's Girl cosmetics because Ipsy was offering a coupon code and I NEEDED another liquid eyeliner.  I should do a review of that liner because it is seriously my holy grail liquid liner.  Anyway with my order I received a bunch of little sample baggies from their new eye dust collection which I will now share with you!

Here they are! I was so stoked because it was almost like receiving a Shiro Cosmetics order.....except these aren't as awesome as Shiro shadows but we will get to that.

Here is every shadow with its respective name and number. After swatching I was especially drawn to Rogue Flambe, Sunset Blvd, and Ultra Violet so those are the colors I ended up doing a look with.  These were all fairly easy to swatch and as you can see some of them look a lot better over primer than they do alone.  However after walking around with these on my arm the colors faded alarmingly fast except for Brown Sugar which was the least sparkly of the bunch.

Close up of Pixie Dust (gold shimmer), Starshine (silver shimmer), Sunlit Cactus (interesting yellow with slight green shimmer), and Sunstone (orange shimmer).  The first two sound like they could be the names of characters from My Little Pony.

Brown Sugar (brownish orange), Rogue Flambe (rusty red), Sunset Blvd (pink with gold shimmer)

Ultra Violet (purple shimmer), Troublemaker (cyan shimmer), and Majestic Green (green shimmer)

Here is the look I created with Sunset Blvd on my lid, Rogue Flambe in my crease, Ultra Violet on my lower lashine, and Starshine on my inner corner. I love Sunset Blvd it is probably my favorite shadow of the bunch just because of the unique color the gold shimmer adds to the pink.  If I make another online order I think I'm going to pick it up.  Rogue Flambe however is not that great.  It was difficult to get good pigmentation even over primer.  As you can see even though it's supposed to be red it looks way too similar in color to the pink on my lid. Ultra Violet was nice but I already own a million purple eye shadows.  Starshine was INSANELY shimmery.  I will not be using this as a highlight again, it's just too intense, it will have to be a lid color from now on.  I sent a selfie to my boyfriend and he thought I was crying. Anyway, I did not put primer on my lower lashline to compare wear.  After about 2 hours the purple was almost completely gone but the red and pink looked great until I took it off about 8 hours later.  So wear these over primer or else they will not last at all.
Overall these are nice but with so many Indie brands like Shiro offering loose shadows with longer staying time, better pigmentation, and more unique color options these can't compare.  However if I get the chance I would pick up Sunset Blvd, the most unique of the bunch.  There are about 3 times as many color options online.

Where to buy: Jessesgirlcosmetics.com, savemart, rite aid
Price: $4.99

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Ruby And Sapphire Remake Release Day!

Happy November 21st!!! What's so special about today?  Well it just so happens to be the release date for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in North America! Gen III holds a special place in my heart because Sapphire version was the first Pokemon game I ever bought with my own money.  I also remember being completely blown away by the Game Boy Advanced graphics.  Now I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Alpha Sapphire to arrive in the mail so I can disappear for the next few months in Hoenn.  I apologize in advance to my poor boyfriend. 
Anyway in celebration of the release of the gen III remakes I did an eye shadow look based on Kyogre, the legendary in Sapphire.  Sorry Groudon fans but I have always been a Kyogre kind of girl.

To get this legendary (heh heh) look I started by applying NYX Milk everywhere around my eyes and blending it out with my finger.  Next I packed Chaos from the Electric Palette onto my eyelid, blending it into my crease.  Next I took Aphrodite from the Galaxy Chic palette and lined all around my eyes, finishing with a wing because Kyoge has those pointy side fins.
Finally I applied extra Milk under my eyes and blended downwards while also flicking it up under the red wing for extra wing action.
I attempted to give my best "I'm sick of your shit, Team Aqua" face.
I also attempted to draw Kyogre...it went okay.

I hope you all enjoy your new adventure!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sally Hansen Nail Wraps in I Love Lacey

So I was moderately impressed with the NCLA Los Angeles nail wraps I reviewed a few weeks ago but after trying Sally Hansen's I am now extremely impressed.  My mom let me use two of her Sally Hansen nail wraps which matched a dress I wore to a dance.  I was expecting something similar to NCLA's....oh was I wrong.  I guess sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

I used these in the shade 480 I Love Lacey which is honestly a very beautiful pattern and did match my dress very well.  My issue was with the application and the longevity.  Because I put these on when I went home and therefore didn't have my good camera I couldn't take these pictures until 4 days after application and the wraps were already starting to chip at the end of my nail.  NCLA's lasted over a week without any chipping at all and that was even after washing dishes and cleaning my apartment.  As far as application these were much flimsier than NCLA's so I had a hard time controlling them in order to line them up over my nail. They were also much larger meaning they went over my nail and onto my skin on both sides making it very hard to clean up the edges, while NCLA's fit perfectly on my nail. I would never buy these over NCLA's because of quality and longevity, the frustration just isn't worth it. My mom will be going to a nail wrap party, I think Jamberry, so look forward to a review of those as well.

Where to buy: Ulta, Sally Hansen, and Target
Price: $4.99

Monday, November 17, 2014

Urban Decay Pressed Pigment in Jilted from the Electric Palette on my Lips

Ok so this is hands down my favorite shadow for use on the lips.  Just wow, its so freaking gorgeous.  I wish the Revolution lipstick in Jilted looked this awesome.  The blue shift is so much more pronounced from the shadow and it goes on like a dream!

This color is intensely pigmented and pats on the lips very evenly.  Put on a gloss on over this and it looks so fabulous especially for fall.  I can see me reaching for this shade a lot for use on my lips way more than on my eyes.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pink and Purple Neutral Eye

I don't always wear neutral eye shadow, but when I do I almost always have to spice it up somehow.  This neutral eye has quickly become my  favorite and I'm so sad that my camera was not able to do this look justice because it just looks amazing in person. The little bit of pink seriously pops but doesn't overpower!

To do this look I....
1. Put Prometheus from BH cosmetics galaxy chic palette all over my eye lid
2. Put Jesse's Girl Plum Frost baked eye shadow in the crease.
3. Darken outer part of crease with Darkside from Naked 3
4.  Accentuate outer corner and teh lower lashline with Blackheart from Naked 3
5. Pat and blend Ever in Your Favor (super beautiful pink) by Shiro Cosmetics in between Prometheus and Blackheart on the lid.  
6. Highlight inner corner with NYX Whipped Cream
7. Do eyeliner, mascara, and all that!

I'm in love with this neutral eye <3

On my lips is Castle by NYX

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Flormar Long Wearing Lipstick in L33

This will be my last Turkish makeup post as I have now shared everything I bought. This last item is my favorite as far as color but unfortunately my least favorite as far as performance.  This was the only lipstick I picked up from Flormar and it is seriously a huge disappointment....

Lilac Gloss or L033 is a very beautiful lilac shade with awesome opaque coverage.  It is from their Long Wearing lipstick collection, which is an absolute joke.  This lasts less than some lip glosses I own.  I can get an hour, maybe two at most from this lipstick.  The formula is so insanely creamy that it just melts right off, even when put over a lip liner. The plus is that when worn over the Flormar No. 218 lip liner it fades decently to a pretty lilacy plum color, I would never risk wearing this alone. Because it is so creamy it is extremely moisturizing and not drying whatsoever. However, if I ever went back to Europe I would not be getting another one of these lipsticks.

Where to buy: Flormar.com
Price: 15,90 TL (about $8)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Purple

I tend to not like liquid liners that are not in a marker/pen type of format but the colors of NYX's Studio Liquid Liners are just too awesome to let that stop me from using them! Today I am sharing the color Extreme Purple, an awesome metallic deep purple.

These things seriously do not budge! Once they are on, they stay on.  I even sometimes have trouble getting them off with makeup remover!

I love using these over a dark eye shadow because the color is really opaque and covers perfectly.  For this look I put Bruise by Detrivore cosmetics all over my lid, crease, and lower lashline.  Then I painted a large wing with the NYX liquid liner.  Its that easy!

Where to buy: Nyxcosmetics.com, Ulta, drugstores
Price: $4.50