Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet Athena and Artemis My New Rats!

So after years of wanting little ratties of my own I used my birthday money to make it a reality.  I just adopted these two little cuties so prepare to be bombarded with pictures! :)


She is all white, except for a slight tan marking on her nose, with red eyes.  She is supposed to be a fancy rat but I think she may have some dumbo in her as her ears are much more to the side than her sisters. She is extremely curious but also a little bit shy.

In her Star Wars bed.

Relaxing on my arm the first day I brought her home.

Checking out the new surroundings.


She is a fancy rat with black eyes and a tan hood that continues down her back as a stripe.  She is brave but not as curious as Athena.  She likes to eat everything.

Getting used to the cage.

Sniffing me :3

Looking out the cage door.

Now for cuddle pictures! <3

My puppy was and still is very confused....

Look forward to more pictures, I can image that they will randomly be included in some makeup shots :P


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Break From Makeup: 400 Calorie Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

In today's break from makeup I wanted to share these incredibly easy and insanely delicious vegetarian pieces of heaven.

I was looking online for a good lasagna roll up recipe because I live alone and I like cooking meals for one.  I get sick of leftovers really fast so a six serving pan of lasagna sits in my fridge forever and eventually goes bad :(
Anyway I found a decent one that included spinach but as with a lot of these recipes two roll ups were pushing 600+ calories! I usually like to keep each of my meals at 500 calories or less so I decided to try and make a lower calorie version of these cute roll ups.

Recipe screenshot and calorie count thanks to MyFitnessPal!

I decided to take the route of simple and delicious.  I skipped the eggs because I didn't think they were really necessary and also because I'm only making two so I'd have to use like 1/3 of an egg.  I also used cream cheese instead of ricotta cheese because I didn't have any ricotta. I think ricotta is lower cal than cream cheese but the cream cheese tasted so good and unique I'm not sure I'd sacrifice the taste for a few less cals :P

If you aren't a huge sauce person you could probably get away with a bit less than half a cup. I love sauce and still had some left over on my plate.

I also didn't measure out the spinach so I don't think I used quite half a cup but next time I will definitely be adding more.

To make these I first boiled the lasagna noodles then laid them out flat.  I spread the mixture of Italian cheese, cream cheese, and spinach onto each noodle, then carefully rolled them up.  I then dumped a bit of sauce in the bottom of a toaster oven safe bowl, placed the roll ups in seam down, and poured the rest of the sauce on top of them.
I sprinkled the rolls with basil and garlic before popping them in my toaster oven, uncovered. The seasonings  could have also gone inside the mixture but I forgot so they ended up on top.  I baked them at 350 for a bit less than 20 minutes, but if you are using a real oven it may take longer.  Online recipes generally suggested 375 for 25 minutes.

With light versions of the cream cheese, Italian cheese, and sauce this recipe could easily be reduced to only 350 calories or less.

I hope you enjoy this 400 calorie meal as much as I did!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Formula X Nail Polish in Voodoo

While black Friday shopping I picked up one of the $10 black Friday deals at Sephora.  I got the Formula X nail polish duo in Voodoo and Juju.  I plan on giving Juju as a Christmas present so I only have Voodoo to show you today, sorry!
I've been wanting to try Formula X for a while after hearing such great things about its staying power and well...after giving it a try I currently have a love hate relationship with this polish.

Pros:  It is an absolutely gorgeous color.  The pink is so soft and dainty while also having an interesting sheen to it.  Its just so neat! It is also insanely opaque.  I could have only applied one coat to get a full layer of color but out of habit I applied two anyway.  Because of this I could see this being a great polish to do designs with over dark nail colors.  I'm already planning a black nail with pink polka dots look!
Cons:  This has no staying power.  My Zoya polishes usually chip after 3 or 4 days even after doing dishes.  This started to chip after 24 hours. WHAT. I thought oh maybe it's just a fluke and patched up the tips, well every day I've worn it more and more and more chips formed.  I am pretty bummed  that a nail polish at Sephora has the staying power of a drug store polish.

To stop the annoying chipping I patched up the damage as well as I could and added a coat of Zoya's Pixiedust polish in Lux to the tips, creating a super cute sparkly pink manicure.  My nails make me feel like a princess <3

So my final verdict....maybe other Formula X  shades are better but this one is best used for nail designs rather than a simple all over color because of its great coverage but lack luster staying power.
I don't think I'd buy another one of these at full price unless I was sure the staying power would be improved, but at $5 I'm not mad about this purchase

Where to buy: Sephora,

Friday, December 12, 2014

Finals Day Five: Bare Minerals Be Bold


So I just finished my last final of the semester and I'm pretty sure it went awesome, I felt pretty confident the whole time.  YES!

On the fifth day of finals my grad school gave to me one Pharmacology final and a lipstick in Be Bold.

I don't even know what's going on with this eye look.  I got up earlier than I was expecting so had a bit of time to mess around.  Which is exactly what this was.  I didn't really have an idea going in, I just kept doing things until I wound up with something I liked.
On my lid is Freak from the Electric Palette, I then did the sharp edge at the outer corner with my liquid liner.  After I had them semi even I used Urban Decay's Blackout to do some smudging and blending out from the point and into my crease.  I then smudged BH Cosmetics BHCM18 eye shadow single under my eye. My inner highlight is Whipped Cream by NYX

Be bold is a color I don't wear very often and I'm not sure why.  Bare Mineral's marvelous moxie lipsticks have a pretty good formula to them.  Creamy, non drying, with a good staying power.  This is a nice deep red that feels very comfortable and nice on the lips.  Perhaps its because I tend to gravitate towards matte red lip products that this doesn't get much use, but overall it is a really great lipstick.

I'm so glad to be done with finals.  Now it's time to pack up, go home, spend time with my boyfriend and family....and possible bring home some new little friends ;)


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finals Day Four: Ulta Lip Liner in Punch

After an entire week of studying I finally took a final today.

On the fourth day of finals my grad school gave to me one physiology final with a contour lip liner in punch.

For my eye look...I kept seeing a double liner like this being done by a few Instagram beauty pages I follow so I decided to give it a go.
I started by putting Shiro Cosmetics Mother of Dragons in my crease and under my eye, then blending it out.  Then I covered my lid in Haywire by NYX.  Next I took Black Out by Urban Decay and lightly dabbed it around my upper and lower lashline, blending it out.  Then I grabbed my Ulta Kohl liner in Halo (I thin its discontinued) and thickly lined my upper lashline and inner corner. I finished up the look by drawing a wing with my Jesse's Girl liquid liner. 

As for the lip, I wear this under my red lipsticks all the time but realized that I'd never worn it alone.  For how cheap this lip liner is ($7 but usually a discount) it works really well. It glides on smoothly and looks creamy enough on the lips to be worn alone. It isn't drying and it has pretty good staying power too.  It only slightly started to fade after about 3 hours and some mac and cheese. These remind me of NYX's lip liners except less drying, which makes sense as they are more expensive.  Overall I would buy more of these.

One final down...only one more to go!!! :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finals Day Three: NYX Simply Vamp in Bewitching

Today is a reading day so it's nothing but studying. Sigh. 

On the third day of finals my grad school gave to me an entire day of studying with a lipstick in bewitching

Lipstick aside, I looooove this eye makeup.  I feel so bad ass wearing it, especially with a dark vampy lip.  This is especially awesome for those with hooded eyes who want to show off some intense color even with their eyes open.  To get this look I applied strange from the Naked 3 palette all the way up to my brow.  I then put Limit on my lid and drew a wing with my Jesse's Girl liquid liner.  I then grabbed my handy dandy electric palette and smudged Jilted under my eye and wing.  Then I carefully took Urban and put it as close to my lower lashline as possible.  To finish this up I took the tiniest bit of Black Out (Urban Decay single) and dabbed it where the wing meets Urban.

My boyfriend loved this eye look so I'll probably do it again on Saturday when he and my family come to move me home for the semester. :)

As for my red lip of the day, I'm wearing NYX cosmetics simply vamp lipstick in Bewitching.   Its a really nice wearable dark red.  However as a word of caution, make sure your lips are well exfoliated before use as it tends to cling to dry patches.  It is also a bit drying itself....but that color <3

Only two finals and two days until the end of the semester...let's do this!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finals Day Two: MAC Russian Red

What is finals week without my favorite red lipstick ever? Even more stressful, that's what.

So...on the second day of finals my grad school gave to me a full day of proctoring with a lipstick in Russian Red.

Yep I get to spend 6 hours today standing, walking, and staring at students to discourage them from cheating.  I decided to go with a fierce red lip and winged liner for extra intimidation. After my six hours are done, its back to studying!

So I was originally going to go with just a regular winged liner but I was listening to Kamelot on shuffle while doing my makeup and it inspired me to do something a little more intense.  How can you listen to Karma without wanting to make your eye liner a bit more dramatic? I know I can't.

So anyway, for my eyes I put Strange from Naked 3 all over my lid and brow bone,  I then very lightly dabbed Skinny Dip by NYX on my lid.  As you can see its not really noticeable, I just wanted some sort of change between my lid and brow. I then took my trusty Jesse's Girl liquid liner and drew in my wings.  I'm a little interested to see how well the bottom wing holds up after a few hours.

As for that Russian Red...gah I love it so much.  It has insane pigmentation, its beautifully matte, and it doesn't budge no matter what.  Perfect for a full day of work without any time for breaks or touch ups.  Buy this lipstick. You won't regret it.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Finals Day One: Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn

So because this is finals week I've decided to wear a red lipstick every day of finals to help improve my confidence and overall fierceness.  

So...on the first day of finals my grad school gave to me, one fourth exam and a red lipstick in Hot Damn.
It works...kinda.

Since my fourth physiology exam was early this morning I went with a really easy and colorfully subtle smokey eye with my red lip.  I put a light layer of Urban from the Electric palette all over my lid and crease.  Then I dabbed Haywire by NYX on my lid.  On my lower lashline I smudged out Fringe from the electric palette and then lined my upper lashline with Stila's smudge stick liner in Triggerfish.  

As for my lips I first applied lip balm upon waking up because while the staying power and pigmentation of this lipstick is awesome, its also quite drying. Before leaving to take my final I applied Hot Damn by Be a Bombshell cosmetics. Its a orangey red shade that contrasts beautifully with blue clothing.  One layer is all you need and the crayon type  applicator makes this a breeze to put on. I really wish Ipsy would send another round of these lip crayons out, I love the color and pigmentation. 

Now back to studying!