Saturday, April 26, 2014

Revlon Matte Balm Stains in Shameless and Sultry

My boyfriend surprised me with these for Valentine's Day! We are long distance so I didn't actually get my present until April but I don't care because I was so happy! He got me Shameless because I talked forever about how much I wanted it.  He got me Sultry as well because he likes a more natural look and picked it out himself.

I know I haven't done swatches of them yet but I have a few of the normal balm stains and absolutely love them.  The matte formula is great, and the wear time seems to be good too.  Its not as long as the original stains but I got quite a few hours out of Sultry.  

So here I am being Sultry. This color is actually a lot darker than I was expecting.  I'm not actually sure how much I'll be able to wear it during the summer.  Regardless, it is very pretty and despite it being a more brownish pink I think it suits me quite well.

And Shameless! Only bad thing about getting this so late is that its not winter anymore and this is such a dark purple.  Of course I'm still going to wear it but I feel like I won't get tons of use out of it until it starts getting cold again.  Anyway the up close pic looks pretty patchy  but from farther away its not noticeable.  Even in my makeup mirror it didn't look that patchy. Anyway, super pretty dark purple I love it.

And here is us the day I received my gift, I'm wearing Sultry :)

Where to buy: Ulta, Department Store, or Drugstore
Price: $6.50-$9.00


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