Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jamberry Broken Arrow

Well after Eerie Nights beginning to lift after 24 hours and Tannenbaum needing to be completely taken off after only 4 days, the satin finish was really disappointing me again and again.  I had loved the design of Broken Arrow and was really bummed to see that it was also in a satin finish, but I really wanted to wear this manicure for New Years so I gave the satin finish another go.

And I'm glad I did!  I really don't know what makes some wraps work better than others even when they have the same finish but by the time I actually am getting around to posting this, I've had these on for 7 days and they aren't showing any signs of wanting to come off any time soon. I did have some lifting at the base but not very much at all and not near enough to affect the integrity of the wrap.  The design itself is so gorgeous.  It is a matte base with random zig zags in a gradient of colors for yellow to orange to pink. These look so cool when they catch the light. Definitely a fan.
I'm glad these are working so well for me, but I am definitely hesitant about buying satin finish in the future because 1 out of 3 isn't that great.  They need to make more designs in the matte finish!

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