Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bulu Box September 2015

So whether you know or not I have, within the last 2 months, attempted to start working out more.  I tried to do a mix of cardio and weight lifting but very soon realized that cardio made me hate literally everything so I've decided to stick to weight lifting for the time being.  Lifting weights makes me feel....amazing.  The muscle soreness a day or so after working out is just incredible.  It is physical proof that I have accomplished something. 
In order to supplement my new lifestyle I was looking at a few subscription boxes and decided on Bulu box for two reasons.  First it lets you pick your preferred method of working out, so I was able to say that I lift weights which would put more protein based items in my box. Second I found a coupon code to get every box for the rest of my subscription for $5 instead of $10! There was no way I was going to give up that offer. 
There are two types of boxes available, the regular and the weight loss. I opted for the regular because I am working towards dem gainz.

So Bulu box comes once a month in an orange container printed with little phrases.  Every month you can review your items and earn up to $5 to put towards something in the Bulu store.  They sell everything that you get in the box plus so much  more! I am saving up my points to put towards a new protein powder for sure!
When I subscribed they said my first box would ship in October....well to my surprise I visited my parents only to see this orange box sitting in my room! Yay!

Now...I have not tried everything in this box but because September is almost over I wanted to get this posted.  I didn't want to rush to eat all these things just to review them.  I would rather use them when I need them so I can provide a more accurate and realistic review for you.  Therefore as I try these items I will be editing this post.  For now some items may only be half reviewed.

Vital4U Liquid Energy Ginseng Drink

Initial Thoughts: Oh my this is such a cool product and idea! This will be ABSOLUTELY perfect on days that I have to be on campus ridiculously early and just don't have time to make a coffee. Also. Holy crap. It's coffee flavored! HOW DID THEY KNOW!? I'm so excited to give this a try!

Verdict: So I had to get up early for class and accidentally overslept so I grabbed this quick instead of making or buying coffee. Oh. God.  This smells like cat food and tastes like coffee liqueur, in a bad way. It was seriously so gross I brushed my teeth twice afterwards.  I didn't yawn once during my class or teaching but overall, I would not recommend....

Value: 12 packs is $17 so....$1.40

Manitoba Harvest HempPro 70

Initial Thoughts: Once again this box has gotten my flavor preferences down perfectly! I love vanilla and will choose it any day of the week over chocolate! I am very excited to throw this powder into my next smoothie.  If I like it enough it may be the full sized powder I end up spending my points on!


Value: $25 for 10 servings so.....$2.50

Caveman Nutrition Bar

Initial Thoughts: I love throwing granola bars in my bag in case I find myself starving while on campus all day so I definitely welcome all little snacky items!  I received this in the flavor Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut, which is fine with me.  It is 100 calories for a tiny little square however. I'm not sure how well this will fill me up, but I look forward to tasting it!

Verdict: So I think this is pretty darn tasty.  It is a bunch of oats, nuts, and fruit layered upon a bed of chocolate. It is sweet, tart, crunchy, and very delicious.  I may consider buying these because they taste amazing!

Value: $25 for 15 bar so....$1.67

NutriGold Triglyceride Omega-3 Gold

Initial Thoughts: Full sized item!!! Yay! I was excited to see this full sized jar for sure.  I don't currently take fish oil supplements but I have been thinking for a while that I should.  Seafood is my favorite type of meat but I do not eat it every day because of money mostly.  Smoked Salmon is expensive.....But I will definitely be taking one of these every day I do not get some seafood in my diet.  
WARNING: These pills are humongous. It is definitely the largest pill I've ever taken so if you are not good at swallowing large pills this may not be the product for you.  I personally had no issues but I also generally have no problem taking large pills.

Verdict:  I will definitely be using these while they last but I'm not sure if I have the funds to buy another bottle when mine runs out, especially since it is so expensive. 

Value: $17

RAP Protein Energy Gummies - Grape

Initial Thoughts: Protein....gummies? AWESOME! I love this idea and really hope it catches on. I love gummies and this is such a cute and easy way to get your protein after a workout.  I am not a fan of artificial grape however so I'm a bit nervous to give these a try.  However if I like them I may fork up the money to buy more of these because I love how easy it would be to eat these when I don't quite meet my protein goal for the day.

Verdict: These were actually pretty good.  The color was more brown than purple which was weird but they tasted pretty decent.  The first few were ok but I felt the more I ate the more I liked them.  The texture was a bit weird, not gummy like a gummy bear but a lot more solid.  I preferred the texture personally.  Would I buy these? They are a bit pricey but with the right coupon, yeah this is a really delicious and easy way to get 10g of protein!

Value: $21 for 12 $1.75

So those are the five items I received this month.  This box comes to a total of  $24.32 because of the full size item.  If I had received the fish oil as a sample as well it would have been about $10. Overall I think this box would be worth $10 as you get $5 in store credit with each box (although these points expire after a few months, which sucks) but if you can find some sort of coupon code to use when signing up it makes it even more worth it!
I also received some offers and coupons with this box.  They are currently selling the protein gummies for BOGO free. Additionally I got an offer for Fabletics but I'm going to pass because I'm addicted to Old Navy for my workout clothes.

Will I continue this subscription? Definitely! I love the idea of getting protein supplements and healthy snacks every month for $5 (usually $10). I am very happy with my first box!

Where to buy:
The above link is my referral link.  If you use it, thanks you're amazing, if not just go to to check out the website!

For your second month free use code Fantastic
I used mysub5 to get 50% off for life but I have no idea if it is still active.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Art: Moon Goddess

I decided it was again time to draw something of value, so because I love my fantasy art I drew a moon goddess.  I think this method of shading is really what I prefer and I think I'm going to stick to it and try to improve in that style.The flowy energy power stuff came out much better than I thought it would, as did the moon! I've really been pushing myself to do backgrounds lately instead of just drawing characters on a blank screen.

The metal cuff on her leg is modeled after my ear cuff.  I thought she needed something extra so I experimented with making a metallic piece of jewelry. I also made sure to draw at least one hand, as I usually prefer to hide them or draw them in really boring easy to draw positions.  
Overall I think I learned a lot from this picture. Two things I need to improve on next time include adding more wrinkle detail to the clothes and improving my foot drawing skills.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rediscovered Love: MAC Violetta

I bought Violetta at least 2 years ago and it was seriously my most worn lipstick for a long time but with all the new purples that have come out lately it got pushed to the back burner for quite some time.  Well I woke up one day, had my clothes picked out, then sad down to do my makeup.  I did my eyes in all matte with my Blackbird Cosmetics shadows and just got this sudden desire to pair it with Violetta.  Oh my am I so glad I did!  I was really digging my overall aesthetic that day.  Violetta just went amazingly well with the matte eye, purple jewelry, and black top.

The best thing about Violetta is that its a very wearable purple.  It is definitely more pinkish purple than true purple and the slight shimmer just really makes it stand out when paired with a dark outfit.  I always feel confident when I have this lipstick on and I really need to pull it out more this Fall.

As you can see it looks much more purple in the tube than it does on the lips.  It is a beautiful pinkish purple with blue shimmer and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

For my eyes I used all Blackbird shadows with Figment on my lid, Gravity in my crease, Smudge as definition, and Vintage under my eye.  

Also if you can see my earrings I made them by wire wrapping the pearls that came in the Fall Fortune Cookie Soap Box.  They were just too cute to throw away so I decided to turn them into something useful!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Jamberry Ditsy Floral

Well I had my Jamberry party and got TONS of Jams for only like $45 or something ridiculous like that. A few of the ones I bought were retired at the end of August.  This is one of them.  I figure I might as well still share just in case they ever come back as a TBT special.

I am honestly really glad I grabbed these before they went out because a ton of floral patterns were retired and the new ones don't really do it for me.  I like the Dusty Floral and that's honestly about it. Ditsy floral is super cute and I just love the blue, pink, and green color scheme.  It is a nice spring pattern, and I get a playful yet classy vibe from them.

I really wanted to get these on because the temperature is starting to cool down and soon wearing these bright flowery Jams isn't going to be as fitting. This is probably my last summery manicure before Fall takes over. But I am totally ok with that because I have already ordered my Halloween Jams! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Feminist

With my latest Colourpop order I also purchased a single Lippie Stix.  I already have small ones that I got from a friend for Christmas so I knew I loved the formula and wear time.  I decided on Feminist because it was much darker than any of the Lippies I already had and also I do not own a matte purpley black.  With fall coming up I figured this would be a great purchase!

So when I swatched this on my hand I was nervous because it applies fairly patchy and not super opaque, especially when next to the new Ultra Matte lippies. Luckily the lip application is another story!  This glided on so smoothly and covered wonderfully.  It goes on very opaque and pigmented.  It also stays nice and creamy on my lips without just sliding off all over the place. I do have to say...the website said it was matte but it definitely has a satin finish, but no matter I still love it!  I think it goes amazing with my hair, and I'll definitely be pulling this out as the weather gets chillier.

Where to buy:
Price: $5

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

TeeFury Too Haute To Handle Pokemon Skirt

Ever since TeeFury first released their Pokemon skirt collection I wanted on sooooo badly.  However the $35 price tag seriously made me contemplate it for a long time.  I'm one of those girls that will spend a ton on makeup but when it comes to clothes anything more than $10 makes me frown. 
Well after a long hard internal debate I finally decided to make the purchase.  I was between the Too Haute To Handle and Lavender Town skirt but ultimately decided on the fire type one because I own so much purple already I thought I should be a little different by getting this maroon and orange skirt. Plus the fire type is one of my favorites! 
Well I went to purchase my skirt was out of stock.  I was pretty bummed but a while later I get an ad on Facebook telling me they are back in stock, so I wasted no time and purchased it (with the 10% off code).

So here it is.  It has an adorable print featuring flames, leaves, Charmander, Growlithe, Cyndaquil, Ponyta, Torchic, Flareon, and Vulpix. I am a bit bummed that Flareon and Vulpix only exist as cut off bottoms to my skirt as they are two of my favorite fire types. Other than that minor personal graphic complaint this print is super cute! From far away it just looks like a nicely patterned skirt but up close everyone will be able to see just how ridiculous I really am. The material also seems to be high quality, which I was expecting considering the price tag.  My only other complaint about this skirt is that the Medium I bought is a bit tighter than I was expecting.  My waist ranges from 26-28 inches and a medium is 26" while a large is 29.5".  I like my skirts to fit tight around my wast so I knew I didn't want a large but the medium is really on the edge for me.  It definitely fits but I can't wear it anywhere else besides on the smallest part of my waist. Something right in the middle of Medium and Large would have been absolutely perfect.

Here is a close up of the pattern,

And another.

And here is me awkwardly posing for you. As you can see I have to wear it pretty high up on my waist, which is generally where I wear most of my skirts anyway, but I'm not sure I could wear it without spanks or leggings as it gets kind of short wearing it up that high.
I can see this looking very cute this Fall with a 3/4 length sleeve black top, black tights, and black boots.

Sorry for the quality....I have crappy light where my mirror is.

Overall I am pleased with this purchase.  The design is adorable, the quality is good, and it is definitely wearable.
I'm not 100% sure if it was really worth $35.  I think $25 would have been a bit more reasonable but alas. I don't think I'd buy another skirt but I will definitely continue to purchase their daily t shirts....I already own a few and I currently have a Kiki's Delivery Service one on the way!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jamberry Black and White Quad

I needed some nice dark nails for the Epica concert I went to last Tuesday so while browsing through my Jamberry collection these stood out to me from the start.  Black and White Quad is a really simplistic but eye catching design featuring different stripes of black, white, dark, and light grey. 

I have to say....don't skip the application step of applying alcohol to your nails.  I skipped this step because I was in a hurry to get ready before the concert and they started wrinkling right away, and the next day it got even worse. Take your time!  If you skip any of the important Jamicure steps you're gonna have a bad time.  
Regardless of my little mistake I absolutely love this design and would definitely buy it again.  It is classy and simplistic and just really really nice.

Here are my nails with my entire face and outfit for the concert.  I think they went perfectly with the aesthetic I was trying to achieve.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Epica Concert Makeup

Alright! So last night my boyfriend and I went on a very special date to the Baltimore Soundstage in Maryland to see Epica! In addition to Epica, The Agonist and Eluveitie also performed.  As a warning this post is going to be super picture heavy.

So we were a bit rushed to get everything done in time to get to this concert as it was on a weeknight in a not very close location.  Therefore I did a very fast dark makeup look focusing on my eyes.  I attempted to spruce up my overall look by doing a bit more with my jewelry.  My dangle earrings are ones I made and after all that headbanging only one of the leaves fell off....but I ended up finding it so it wasn't even a loss! The Zelda necklace you might recognize from my Pagan Pride post, I decided to put it on a drop style kind of chain.  As for the choker....I totally sewed that together the day before using some ribbon and jewelry clasps.  I'm honestly surprised it didn't fall off because I can't sew for crap, haha!

Well this post is on a makeup blog so let's get the details on my face!  To do this look I put Urban Decay's Blackout all over my lid and blended it out into a smokey eye.  I then took Shiro Cosmetic's Mother of Dragons and patted it on my eye lid to give my lid a neat shimmery effect.  I then took Blackbird Cosmetic's Ruca and blended it under my eye, into Blackout to add at least a bit of color.  I then lined my eyes with Jesse's girl liquid liner and then did another layer over that with Jcat Beauty's red glitter liner.  I finished with Urban Decay's Perversion mascara.  My contour was done using MAC's Strange Imagination and on my lip's is Colourpop's Trap.  This only took about 15 minutes and definitely had the desired effect of dark but not too over the top. I wore dark lipstick to Nightwish and it looked horrible by the end of the night so I opted out of doing double dark eyes and lips this time. 

My entire outfit wasn't too exciting.  I went with all black and comfortable.  My top is a hand me down from B Crew, my jeans are from Loft, and my boots are from Hot Topic.

Now let's move on to the concert!!!

Here is the obligatory pre concert selfie Aaron and I took before getting into the venue.  We arrived right as the doors opened and the line wasn't long at all, the venue was super tiny, so we weren't outside for very long.

Up first was the Agonist.  I am pretty familiar with their songs from when Alissa White-Gluz was their vocalist but I haven't listened to their new album near as much.  Overall they did a pretty decent job.  I think its great that they kept pushing forward after Alissa went to Arch Enemy and I hope they continue to improve.

After that was Eluveitie, a Celtic inspired band that incorporates a large variety of vocal styles and instrumentals.  They played for a very long time, basically just as long as Epica, making me think that this tour is perhaps a double headliner.  Anyway they did a great job.  I had only listened to a handful of their songs before this show but it didn't even matter, they really made it enjoyable.  Once my boyfriend helped me move away from Inconsiderate Blonde Chick, I had a really great time dancing and headbanging to their set. 

And then EPICA! Simone is seriously even more beautiful in real life.  They played a great show with a nice mix of old and new songs. Sometimes Simone's voice was drowned out by the instrumentals but overall it was an absolute blast!

The only thing that I think was missing was a nice ballad.......and more play time, haha.
Now the only band left on my top list to see is Kamelot.

Here is what I bought.  I didn't go too crazy and only picked up a t shirt and a flag.  I got the only small in this design they had.  The guy actually had to remove it from the display.  At the end of the concert this style was completely sold out, as was the small size in most designs.  I hope they refill the stock each night because this was the first night of the tour and there were tons of people being turned away from the stands because they didn't have shirts in mediums and smalls. As for the flag....its freaking huge!! I have no idea where I'm going to put it but I can't wait to decorate my apartment with it!

If you are catching a later show on their North American Enigma Tour then I hope you have a great time too!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pagan Pride 2015

My boyfriend came to visit me this past weekend and I really wanted to get some things at my local farmer's market, so we headed over and walked right into the middle of Pagan Pride! I had no idea this was going on that day but soon turned into a young child in a candy shop when I realized what was happening.  I think I told my boyfriend about 10 different times throughout the day that "today is so awesome I can't even believe this is happening!"
He just kept smiling and we walked around enjoying the festival together.

This was the pamphlet handed to us when we came in.  We also each got a ticket to enter into raffles....unfortunately neither of us won.  Haha.  Inside the brochure is a description of the festival, the vendors, and the activities.  
Before I even begin I'd like to say that I thought this was a very nicely put together and organized event.  The vendors were all set up beautifully and the schedule provided let you know what was happening and when.  

I'm not Pagan but I very much enjoy the aesthetic, the culture, and the idea of it all, so even though I couldn't personally celebrate the day, I still had an amazing time, got some great items, learned a lot, and of course supported some small businesses and charities.

Here is an overview of everything I bought!
In total I left with two candles, two necklaces, a soap, a perfume, and a vial with a charm.
My boyfriend also purchased a knife and a t shirt.
I never actually ended up buying anything from the farmer's market either, haha!

There were some truly amazing items there, if I had more money I'd have bought about quadruple this amount.  What really stuck out to me were the skull candles, the expensive but gorgeous jewelry, a black dragon candle holder, and a carved wooden sketchbook. There were A LOT of talented people at this fest and I'm very sad that I was not financially able to support each and every one of them.

So I want to review each of these items and talk about the shops I bought them from so you can support them too if you'd like!

The Mermaid & The Crow

This vendor sold perfumes, candles, incense, scarves, and other handmade items.
The owner was very kind and offered to help me out finding a perfume to buy based on what I liked.  However I declined because I just really liked smelling everything!  They also provided a laminated card that described every scent which was very very helpful.  While I didn't purchase a candle they were all decorated beautifully with sparkles and glitter, and I was very very tempted.

After much sniffing, asking my boyfriend's opinion, and even more sniffing, I finally decided on Jadis. 

"Base notes of sharp orange citrus notes, orange blossoms, deadly lily and dark moss blended with ice and fir trees. The haughtiness of fresh floral jasmine and rose petals and ylang ylang on base notes of sandalwood, deep woods and vetiver. The scent of the dark forest, snow in the air. The promise of of sweets and warmth after they have been snatched away. Use to take up space and be secure in your own power."

This perfume really commanded my attention because of how lovely the orange, floral, and earthy tones blended.  From the bottle the orange is very powerful and sweet, which is transferred to the skin as well.  As the perfume wears it becomes much more earthy and the fir trees take center stage. This is a gorgeous scent and is absolutely perfect for autumn and winter. Smelling it definitely does take me to an evening forest covered in snow.  

I payed $10 for this at the event but on their Etsy they are $15, so if you want a discount try to catch them at an event!

Mystic Hollow Candles and Witchwares

This vendor had a very neat and dark set up, her stand was filled with beautiful candles, large and small.  I especially loved the ones shaped like skulls.  She had tall candles adorned with glitter and ribbons that were tempting as well.  She also had room sprays and incense.  I ended up only purchasing a small glass candle as it was my favorite scent, but I wish I could have gotten so much more.

The candle I chose was a small black candle called Banish.  Every time my boyfriend teased me for the remainder of the weekend I threatened to light the banish candle, haha. Anyway unfortunately I have no idea what scents went into making this candle but oh my goodness is it divine.  It is unlike any candle I've smelled before.  It is very dark and deep with a soft but sweet peppery scent.  I really wish I could describe it better because I just adore it. The owner was very sweet and because the lid for this candle was missing she let me have it for $5 instead of $6. I'm a bit bummed they don't have an easily accessible online store because I'd have loved to purchase this again.

The New Alexandrian Library Store

This vendor was very unique and interesting and the owner was extremely kind and good hearted. Everything at this stand was donated and all proceeds go to the Sacred Wheel's fundraising to help upkeep the New Alexandrian Library. It contains many pagan books pertaining to "esoterical, metaphysical, and magickal knowledge."

As soon as I walked into this stand, before I even knew the background, my eyes caught this gorgeous silver wire and purple beaded necklace.  I fell in love right away and hoped beyond hope that it was within my price range.  Luckily I got this for only $10 and my boyfriend absolutely loves how it looks on me. 

 It is highly adjustable and can go from being worn as a long dangle necklace to a higher up, a few inches below the collar bone length. It is so beautiful and I am so happy I was able to grab it.

While I was fawning over the necklace my boyfriend had his eye on something else.  For sale there was this gorgeous dagger from Spain.  We hesitantly asked the price, thinking it would be way out of our budget.....but it was only $30!  He snatched it up without a second thought. 

The details on the hilt and sheath are absolutely gorgeous, I think it is a great addition to his collection!

Peony Rose Apothecary

This was the first vendor I made a purchase at, and for a very good reason.  First of all the owner was very welcoming and friendly, she quickly described her items to me and I started sniffing away! She sold an array of lovely handmade soaps, lotions, and balms all decorated in very attractive packaging which really helped to catch my eye and made everything look very professional.  

All of her soaps come with a spell, which I thought was a super cute idea.  It gives them that extra flair that really made her stand a cut above the others.  You can tell she puts a lot of work into both her product and her presentation which is why I had no problem with the $8 soap price tag.  Honestly this soap could have been $15 and I still might have bought it because the Prosperity Spell soap smells AMAZING.  

“By Sun and Moon, By Stars and Sea, Health and Wealth, Come to Me!”
Infused with the freshness of essential oil of grapefruit and basil, Prosperity Spell Soap draws your unique definition of prosperity into your life. Wash with it anytime you want to manifest health, and a little extra wealth, or a lot."

The grapefruit is absolutely divine and basil is my favorite herb so its almost like this soap was made for me.  She also includes little bits of actual grapefruit rind in the soap.  This will be a great soap for morning showers to really invigorate and wake me up. I"ve used it to wash my hands so far and it suds up beautifully. I'm so glad she has an online store because I'm not sure I can live without this soap.

Strange Omens

This vendor had a very large array of products ranging from incense, to jewelry, to t shirts, crystal balls (which I really really wanted because they were so beautiful), candles, and much more.  My boyfriend ended up purchasing a shirt from here, which I didn't get a picture of, and because of that we got a discount on a second item so I decided to make a last minute impulse buy here! 

After much deliberation because their jewelry choices were ridiculously vast, I finally decided to get a Hylinian Crest necklace because I have always wanted a Triforce charm. This purchase isn't really pagan, its more nerdy than anything, but since I bought it at the festival I figured I'd include it anyway. I probably won't be using the black chord it came with as it is very very long, instead I can see turning this into a cute choker type necklace.  Normally their jewelry is priced at $20, but since my boyfriend got a shirt I got it for $15. Which honestly still was a little pricey for me but the quality look good so I made the purchase anyway.

Trinity's Magickal Intentions

If I had no financial restraints I think I could have easily spent a ton of money at this shop.  Her selection was so vast and everything smelled so wonderful and looked so pretty.  She sells everything from candles, to room and linen sprays, to jewelry, and beyond.  Out of all the candles I smelled that day (which was a lot) she had the largest amount of scents that I enjoyed.  I could have bought like 20.  One item that really stood out to me was a giant mug filled with brown wax, adorned with tiny white wax marshmallows.  It was made to look like hot chocolate and smelled JUST like cocoa. Oh my goodness it was amazing and I kind of regret not buying it. 

I decided on this cute little $5 tin candle in the scent Secret Garden.  All of her candles come with a little stone inside them which is just so adorable.  Once again I love the presentation and quality of this shop.  I think they also add a little touch of love to their products that put them above the rest.  I chose this candle because the scent is just unbelievable.  Her site is currently down for a little while until she restocks from the event but I'm really hoping once its back up I can know exactly what went into this and if she makes other things with this scent.  I want it as a perfume, soap, just...everything. To me it smells like a gorgeous mix of florals.  Like she took all the best smelling flowers in the world and blended them together to make this candle.  I had my boyfriend smell it and he said "yep, that's very you."
I definitely can see buying from their Etsy store in the future.

Annie's Stuff

So unfortunately I was an idiot and forgot to take note of where I bought this last item.  I could seriously kick myself for it, because I really like giving credit where its due. :(
Based on where I remember its location being I am pretty sure it was at a stand called Annie's Stuff.  The website associated with it doesn't really give much information about their products however so I can't confirm it that way. 
It was a small booth with a small array of jewelry and magic items.

From this booth, whether it belonged to Annie or not, I got this adorable purple vial with an even more adorable owl pendent attached to it! This was actually the first booth I stopped at and I had my eye on this item right away.  However the $7 price tag made me leave and walk around a bit to make a decision. I ended up coming back and buying it because the owl was just too cute. I plan on removing him from the vial and creating a necklace using him and some other materials I have on hand.  The vial will make a cute decoration and a nice addition to my potential witch Halloween costume. 

Besides buying stuff I also got to chat with a few of the store vendors and had a great time listening to them talk about their products and beliefs.  I got to watch some of the Viking battle and  also  a bit of the main ceremony, which seemed interesting but unfortunately without microphones it was hard to hear what they were saying.  I wish I could have sat in on a few of the little event tents that were scattered around but I did not get a chance. Art & Magick and Druidry Vs Wicca both sounded very interesting.

If I am still living in this area when this festival comes around next year I will definitely be attending and participating a lot more.  I was really caught off guard by it happening as I had literally no idea until I stumbled upon it by accident while buying some fruit. Hopefully I can come again and be much more prepared. I think my mom would have really enjoyed it as well, so I'd love to bring her next time.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pegasus22 Jewelry Haul

While browsing the internet for jewelry for my fairy costume I stumbled upon this amazing Etsy shop, Pegasus22.  This shop carries the most absolutely stunning jewelry at incredibly cheap prices!! They are meant to be added to and customized to create your own pieces so many of them have little circles for attaching chains and other bits. 

These are the 3 pieces I picked up.  Unfortunately my before shots of these were erased when my memory card got corrupted so I don't have the original pictures and I don't want to deal with undoing my metal bending to revert them to their previous state.  You will be able to find nice pictures of all of these on Pegasus22's shop by searching the names of the pieces, so no worries!

Green Dragon Scale Regal Woodland Elven Pendant

This is the piece that introduced me to the shop. I was searching for elven like jewelry and was captivated by this piece.  I instantly knew I wanted to turn it into a choker.  Because the prices were so cheap I decided to get more than just this to make shipping a bit more worth it.

This came without the chain, I attached that later.  I love the green jewel, the yellow flecks give it such interesting dimension.

It also has a gorgeous antiqued silver look which is my favorite kind of finish for silver jewelry! I get so many compliments whenever I wear this.

Price: $4

Starry Sky Purple Opal Glass Cabochon Silver Leaf Shape Pendant

These gorgeous things came in a set of two so I knew I needed to make them into earrings! You get only the main pendant, I added the earring hooks and the little leaves.

I needed these mostly because the gem looked like a galaxy and I was just instantly enamored.

These babies area  bit bulky so when I wear them I generally do not wear a necklace as they really do take center stage, especially with my short hair.

Price: $3

Fantasy and Galaxy Oval Silver frame Cabochon Pendant

I was going to stop there but after stumbling on this pendant while on the way to check out I couldn't turn it down for the price! This gem has no texture and instead has a solid shiny finish. I chose to get it in the light grey, there are quite a few other  color options available.

I love the dimension of the gemstone.  The circle decorations are not hollow so it isn't as easy to attach anything to this, so I've left it alone.  I think it looks great how it is.  It is nice, simple, and pretty.

My favorite thing about this pendant is that it matches almost everything I own so I keep it with me in my makeup bag so I can throw it on if I ever need to look fancy on the go!

Price: $2

Overall I am extremely pleased with my Pegasus22 purchase.  If you are looking for some cheap jewelry pieces definitely give them a look. I've had these for a month or so now and have had no fading or breaking. I know I'll definitely be ordering again.  Even while I was browsing to find the names of these pieces for this post I saw even more things that I wanted!

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