Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection

Today I'm going to share my MAC Lipstick Collection, yay! I have seven in total.  I am pretty sure I have more full sized MAC lipsticks than I have from any other brand.  I'm pretty sure Revlon's Balm Stains come in at a close second.  I'll have to do those soon too! Anyway back on track I hope you enjoy the swatches and reviews of my MAC lipsticks while I do everything but look at the camera.

MAC Lipstick Collection

Here they are, so pretty! I put the names on the image for your convenience :)\

MAC Vivacious

Vivacious.  I received this one as a gift from a friend who bought it and hated it because of the sparkle.  This lipstick is no joke. Sparkle. Everywhere. I haven't actually worn it out in public but maybe once the temperature rises I'll find the motivation to wear this glitter bomb of a lipstick. Taking it off is the worst because the lipstick comes off but the glitter remains.

MAC Up the Amp

Up the Amp.  My very first MAC lipstick and definitely one of my favorites.  The formula is super creamy and that color so nice for spring!

MAC Violetta

Violetta.  My absolute favorite.  I bought this because I couldn't have Heroine and ended up loving it sooo much.  The formula is creamy but it stays.  The color...I can't even describe purpley and shiny and shimmery and perfect.

MAC Heroine

Heroine.  This is the lipstick that began my purple lip addiction.  Back when it was unavailable I bought purple after purple trying to find a dupe.  I bought it the day it became permanent.  Unfortunately it isn't all that I had hoped. The color is nice and the matteness is nice...but the staying power and application just isn't great.  Its hard to get even and then once I wear it for an hour or two it starts to turn hot pink around the edges of my lips.

MAC Goes and Goes

Goes and Goes.  I picked this up last year for $13 at a makeup outlet store.  I believe it was already discontinued by the time I found it.  I was super excited to buy it but as far as wearing it...I just don't very often.  I can't get it to stay on my upper lip.  I don't know why it just won't adhere and once it starts to fade I look dead.

MAC Russian Red

Russian Red.  My favorite red ever.  I have others but I just don't wear them because this one is perfect.  Its matte and stays on through EVERYTHING.  I wear it to dinner or out dancing and it looks perfect at the end of the night.  So much love....until I have to take it off.  It just doesn't budge, haha!

MAC Rebel

Rebel.  Probably tied with Violetta for the most worn.  When I'm not sure what to wear I just find myself reaching for this color.  Its a dark raspberry and seems to go with a lot of my outfits. It doesn't last as long as Russian Red but its also less drying. 

Where to buy: MAC or Nordstrom
Price $15 ($18 for Pro Longwear)

What's your favorite MAC lipstick? I'm thinking about picking up a MLBB shade, any suggestions?


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  1. Rebel looks gorgeous. Might have to get me some of that :)

    beka xx