Wednesday, April 16, 2014

League of Legends Leblanc Character Makeup

Finally got around to doing another one! It took me a while mostly because all the other League ladies I want to emulate have eye makeup that I can't wear outside the house without getting some strange looks.  Therefore Its been difficult finding a night where I can just sit down and do makeup without having to worry about leaving the house.

So, products! On my brow bone is BH Cosmetics cool matte purple, on my lid, brows, and wing thing is Shiro Cosmetic's Not Very Effective.  I've hit pan on my sample of this and its reminded me that I need the full size, I'm obsessed with this color. The black eye liner is Maybelline's gel liner with a bit of Urban Decay's zero mixed in.  On my lips is NYX lip liner in prune topped with MAC Heroine.  I dabbed a bit of a Lancome clear lip gloss on the center of my lips as well. The blush is actually an eye shadow, I used BH cosmetics warm matte pink.

Hope you like my League makeup! It was fun but super challenging.  I was considering cosplaying as Leblanc eventually but if I had to do this makeup every day...aaaauugghh!


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