Friday, April 11, 2014

D:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme

I know I've never reviewed a hair product, but there is a first for everything! Now, why did I choose this to be my first hair product review? Well the answer is quite simple...its the only hair product I use. I bought this a month or so ago from my hair dresser to replace a shiny sculpting putty with less hold. So, why do I love this? IT'S MATTE! I hate shine, especially now that my hair is short it makes me look greasy.  This putty offers hold without the shine.  It also smells nice.  It is classified as unisex so the smell isn't floral or girly, its just nice. It also holds my hair in place which of course is what it is meant to do.  My jar has an 8/10 hold level.

This product is a white sticky putty type material.  To use it I stick my finger in and whatever comes out attached I rub between my palms and fluff into my hair until I have a nice even coat of it all over my head. Then I style it as desired.

Here is a pretty boring before and after shot.  On the left my hair is kind of just flopping around wherever it feels like.  Thats no good, I need it to go forward! The picture on the right is my final style.  As you can see my hair is going forward where I want it and laying flat where it should be.  It will stay like this all day but I sometimes add a spritz of hairspray just for good measure.

Oh, and I can also do this with it.

Where to buy: Amazon or local hair salon
Price: $13


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