Thursday, March 20, 2014

Magic the Gathering Cupcakes

For my boyfriend's birthday I made him these super cute Magic the Gathering cupcakes. I don't really play but he is super into it and he loooooved these cupcakes.  The look on his face was so worth the time it took to draw those tiny little chocolate symbols.

I made these using a boxed cake mix and a premade whipped icing. I know I'm lazy but I had enough to do with the icing and chocolate bits. Anyway I made around 24 much trial and error on the icing oh my god.  It was either too light, too dark, or too weird.  Let me tell you making black icing was a pain in the butt! I used cocoa powder plus a mixture of all of my food colorings to get it dark enough.  The blue, red, and green also contain a little bit of cocoa powder because the base food coloring shade was just too light.

To do the chocolate pieces I printed out the symbols, put some wax paper over it, melted some chocolate, made a makeshift icing dispenser out of wax paper, a hair tie, and tape, and then drew these. It was a huge struggle.  Towards the end the chocolate was starting to solidify, I made a huge mess.

But it was worth it because he was soooooo happy when he saw them. :)
He'd kill me if he knew I posted this :3

Click my rat for the youtube video that taught me how to do this!

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