Thursday, March 20, 2014

Espeon Inspired Eye Makeup

Pokemon inspired eye makeup! YEAH! I'm really hoping to make this a series and do a wearable eye shadow look for each of the eevee evolutions. 

Espeon Eye Makeup

First up is Espeon because it is my favorite eeveelution! Every single Pokemon game I struggle not to put an Espeon on my team because I just love it so darn much.  I'm also going to try and draw a cute eeveelution for each look I do. 

Here is how I created this look:
Prime with UDPP
Pat NYX Pearl Pigment in Purple on lid
Blend BH Cosmetics BHCM18 (navy) into the crease and apply darker towards the outer corner
Line eyes with BH Cosmetics eye shadow in Aphrodite from the Galaxy Chic palette
Finish with mascara!
On my lips I'm wearing Revlon Balm Stain in Darling

Because this post is Espeon themed here is an Espeon necklace I made out of shrinky dinks. I made my boyfriend an Umbreon one.  When you put their tails together it makes a heart.  Oh god I'm cheesy.

And here is my Espeon plushie....I bought my boyfriend a matching Umbreon plush for his birthday.   What is wrong with me?

Anyway, when I told him I was doing this he demanded I do Umbreon so look forward to an Umbreon inspired look soon!

I hope you enjoyed this Espeon look! I love it so much I'll definitely do it again.  I absolutely adore the purple/red combo.


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