Monday, March 17, 2014

Green Eye Makeup Collection

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Because of the holiday I've decided to share swatches of all my green eye makeup. Spoiler alert...there aren't many.  Green is my second favorite color but for whatever reason I rarely incorporate it into my makeup routine.  After swatching all these I'm starting to feel bad for my lonely greens.  I've decided to make an effort to wear them more often!

Brazen Glimmerflage

First up is a Brazen cosmetics eye shadow I got in a Beauty Army box. I unfortunately have not used it yet so I can't really comment on the quality.  I've been having trouble finding something to wear a camo colored green with.  Its a deep green with gold sparkle. Suggestions are welcome!

This is Maybelline's Color Tattoo cream eye shadow in Emerald.  It is a really pretty color and goes on very nicely.  I really need to wear this more.

I have 12 Shiro eye shadows in total and this is among the ones I haven't used very much.  They come loose but I pressed them myself and I would definitely buy from her again.  I picked up a few colors from all of my favorite video game collections.  Rupee is from the Legendary collection based off of the Legend of Zelda.  I plan to do swatches of all the ones I have.

This is the green from NYX's Love In Rio Carnival Del Sol palette.  As you can see its in kind of bad shape as I depotted it and it didn't really go well.  Also this is one of the few times that NYX is a miss for me, the pigmentation just isn't that great.

This is Ulta's Glamazon eye shadow that I got on sale the first time I went to an Ulta store (I live nowhere near any sort of makeup store so I do all my shopping online).  As you can see it is a super dark greenish blue.  I have never worn it as an eye shadow but I use it wet as an eyeliner every now and then and it looks very nice.

This is Graffiti from Urban Decay's Deluxe palette.  I bought it from Ulta on sale.  As with any Urban Decay eye shadow it has great pigmentation and goes on smooth.

This is Vert from Urban Decay's Skull Shadow Box palette.  My mom bought me this palette in early high school when I wore a single color of bright eye shadow all over my lid so this green has gotten a lot of use.  I actually used to just call it "dragon scale green" because..well, it reminded me of dragon scales! Very pretty.

This is Maybelline's limited edition green mascara in Green with Envy.  It is not super intense on my dark brown lashes but it adds a hint of color so I do use this every now and again.

Here is Urban Decay's 24/7 eye liner pencil in Mildew.  My mom got me a mini pack of these in all sorts of shades back in high school.  Unfortunately this pencil has not gotten a lot of use either. :(
And that's my green eye makeup collection.  My St. Paddy's day resolution will be to wear more green on my eyes!

In the mean time here is a simple look I did with a few of the products. Rupee is on the lid and Glamazon is in the crease. I also used the Maybelline mascara and the Urban Decay liner.

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