Friday, March 14, 2014

Custom Color Coordination Card

So my April 2014 issue of Instyle came in the mail and towards the end a certain section on color caught my eye.  Each page had an assortment of clothing pertaining to a specific color and then in the bottom corner was this little box that listed possible color pairings.  Well wasting no time I bookmarked the pages, ran upstairs, and cut out the color boxes that I wear most often. 

I then gook Mod Podge and glued them to the lid of a pink cardboard Beauty Army box.

As you can see they fit nicely on the lid and the cardboard is fairly sturdy.

Obligatory artsy shot

And then I pinned it to the bulletin board right next to my vanity.  I plan on using this to help me mix and match outfits, accessories, and makeup.  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and excited to try out some interesting looks like purple and mint.

In case you have trouble seeing the print
Pair red with lime, salmon, chocolate, or fuchsia
Pair pink with grey, cobalt, red, or black
Pair green with navy, eggplant, spruce, or black
Pair blue with forest green, mint, white, or scarlet
Pair navy with white, lilac, yellow or kelly green
Pair purple with navy, cherry, lilac, or mint

Hope this helps inspire your next look! :D

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