Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Winter Has Come Haul

Because of how pleased I was with my spring soap box I decided to use my 10 off coupon to purchase a few items from Fortune Cookie Soap's Game of Thrones inspired Winter Has Come Collection!

I picked up a moisturizer, perfume oil, and body mist. This is supposed to be seasonal but on Facebook they hinted to potentially make it permanent due to its popularity.

Keep It In The Family Perfume Oil

"Cersei and Jaime... Still a better love story than that Vampire series... 
A fragrance as feminine, cultured, elegant, and powerful as the Queen Regent herself: a stunning bouquet of sensual burgundy roses, carnations, and white florals with nuances of burgundy wine, sandalwood, and a hint of musk. "

Initial Sniff:  I guess I will do this review from least to most favorite!  I was expecting such a different smell from this perfume, it is not what I thought it would be at all.  Actually on first sniff I hated it. There is a very obnoxiously strong and unpleasant top note that I can't quite place.  I really don't smell any rose either. However a few days after purchasing out of the bottle the smell isn't as unpleasant.  I'm not sure if I'm getting used to it or what...

On The Skin:  It smells much better on the skin, which I guess for a perfume is what really matters,  That weird strong top note dies down so its much more bearable.  I still can't pick out the rose but it is definitely floral. I don't think this is a scent for young girls.  I'm not even sure if I'm old enough to pull it of.  I wish I could do a better job of explaining this scent but its not something I have ever smelled before, I can't pick up on any familiar scents.

Verdict:  All the reviews I've read of this have been absolutely positive.  Everyone is saying how much they adore it but I'm just not smelling what they are I suppose.  One person even said the rose is too much for them while I don't smell any rose at all.   It does last a while however, about 4-5 hours on me.  Overall, I kind of wish I'd have gone with the Moon Door Linen Spray instead of this.

Price: $6-$9

The Imp Mist Me

""I am the god of tits and wine." Yep... impin' ain't easy.
A rich blend of fresh black cherries, white wine, mahogany and teak woods, and a spicy note of freshly grated black pepper."

Initial Sniff: The black cherry aspect of this is very strong.  If you do not like black cherries I would not recommend this. Some people have said this smells like cherry cough syrup, however I do not get that at all.  To me it smells just like red wine sangria! Yum! I can't pick up on the black pepper, however it's probably for the best as I don't like pepper.

In Action:  I like spraying this on my hair.  It really does make it feel nice as soft, especially after putting in my hair putty which tends to crunch it up a bit. I play with my hair a lot so now every time I fluff it up I get a nice whiff of sangria! I may like wine a bit too much...

Verdict:  I very much like this!  Even if the scent is not super long lasting the skin and hair softening properties are very nice and I will definitely be enjoying this.

Price: $10

Mother of Dragons Whipped Cream

"When I grow up, I wanna be naked, fireproof, and covered in dragons, too!
Creamy french vanilla soy milk, sweet florals, and a nutty almond base."

Initial Sniff: Now for my favorite product!! I love that these indie brands can fuel my Daenarys addiction. I now have a Mother of Dragons moisturizer and eye shadow.  Reading the description I knew I was going to adore this scent. Every part of it is something I love, and oh man do I sure love it. On first sniff the florals definitely come through most strongly.  Then right underneath that is a glorious vanilla nutty scent.  Gah I love it! It's so soft and beautiful and elegant.  

In Action:  This body butter is very thick and creamy, it rubs in well, and the smell lingers on the skin for a few hours.  Its not the most moisturizing lotion I've ever used but I think it will be perfect for spring, summer, and fall when this intense winter dryness leaves me alone.... it also does not irritate the skin on my hands like some scented body lotions do, so yay!

Verdict: I adore this and keep putting it on just to smell it. So lovely.  I'm glad there is a ton of product in the jar because I will be using every last bit of it!

Here is a close up of the lotion.  As you can see its quite thick and is tinted a slight orange color.

Price: $13

While overall I think I liked the scents from the spring soap box better, I am definitely pleased with this order.  I may still pick up the Moon Door linen spray when and if I'm able to place an order for the currently sold out spring items. Every time I smell my Who Are You incense cones I imagine owning that scent in every bath and body product imaginable....maybe one day.

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