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Fortune Cookie Soap Wonderland Spring 2015 Soap Box

I was alerted via Instagram that a certain indie soap company had just released a Game of Thrones collection with a Mother of Dragons themed item.  Obviously I had to go check it out and ended up subscribing to their seasonal soap box....Oops!
I saw the spring theme would be Alice in Wonderland so I jumped at the opportunity to get some cute Wonderland themed soap items.  Plus spring and fall are my two favorite seasons for scents so I definitely didn't want to miss this!

Here are the contents in all their cute and delicious smelling glory.  It all fit in a small box and was packaged with the green paper bits.  They worked nicely for the photographs! I'm going to go through each item one by one and talk about what I loved about it and how it performed.

Almost Alice Fortune Cookie Soap

Initial Sniff: This soap has a very light, pleasant, fresh, and clean scent to it.  The pear really makes this a lovely soap. Even though its a nice scent, compared to everything else in the box its one of my least favorites. -/ I love the cute fortune cookie shape so much it's going to make me sad using it! But the website said it should keep its shape through 50 washes!

In Action:]=[' While this soap smells awesome, that smell doesn't really transfer to the hands after use.  It lathers up fairly nice and seems to clean as well as one would expect from a hand soap.  However the scent it leaves behind is just...soapy?  I can still pick up a bit of the pear but a lot of the other notes are lost. It does however make my sink area smell like delicious pears, which is nice.

Verdict: This is a pretty light smelling soap to begin with so their heavier scented ones may perform better as far as lingering on the hands.  Personally I prefer liquid soaps so I'm not sure if I'd buy one of these, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts! 

Price: $4.25

Twisted Tea Party Bath Tea

From The Bag:  This is also very refreshing but a bit less light than the fortune cookie soap.  For me the cucumber really stands out but not too strongly.  I love the addition of the green tea.  The spearmint is there but not too overpowering. Overall very invigorating, this would be a good in a morning bath.

In Action: I've never even heard of a bath tea before so using this was pretty exciting! And....I think I might have done something wrong.  I dropped it in my hot bath and waited....and waited....and nothing really happened.  After a bit I tried squeezing it to get the smell to come out faster into the water but I ended up accidentally puncturing the bag and getting the insides everywhere.  Oh well....

Verdict: It doesn't make bubbles and super smelly awesomeness so while this might be good for some people its not really my thing.

Price: $15

Who Are You? Incense Cones

From The Pouch: These smell delicious!!! Aaah! So exotic and mysterious.  I love the lime and pear plus anything with vanilla is going to be a winner with me!

In Action: Well I've never used incense before so this will definitely take some time to master.  I tried lighting one up but it smoked so much I was nervous about it setting off my tiny apartments fire alarm.  I also couldn't smell anything but smoke. I'll be trying this again when I go home for spring break.  In the meantime I'm storing them in the satchel in my medicine cabinet so every time I go to wash my face or grab a q tip I am assaulted by deliciousness.

Verdict:  After sitting in my cupboard for a day or so every time I open it I get blasted by this amazing scent. Even if they don't work out as incense I'm so glad they will be working just as well as an air freshener.  Perhaps I'll buy if I can figure out this incense thing, haha!

Price: $10

It's Only A Dream Whipped Cream

From The Jar:  Oh. My. God.  This scent is freaking wonderful! Beautiful wonderful amazing rose is what I get on the first sniff.  It is mixed with  a lovely array of other florals and citrus...oh god I love it.

In Action:  This moisturizer feels lovely when applying and rubs in effortlessly.  It does not cause any sort of rashes on my hands as some heavily scented moisturizers tend to do. The scent also lasts insanely long! I could still smell this on my hands after 4 hours!! Wow!

Verdict: This is without a doubt my favorite product from the box.  The smell is amazing and the scent sticks around.  I ordered the Mother of Dragons whipped cream so hopefully it performs just as well as this one! Be right back I have to rub more of this into my skin.

Price for full size: $11

Off With Their Heads! Bath Bomb

Initial Sniff: The smell of the oranges is what I notice first but I can also pick up on the lemon.  This is very fruity but pleasant. The egyptian musk makes it a bit more relaxing than the bath tea so I'd probably use this for a nighttime bath.

In Action: I've never used a bath bomb before so once again I was very anxious to try it out. It was almost too cute to toss in the tub! But I did, and it was awesome! It fizzed all over the place and left behind a lovely smell and some little flower petals. I closed my eyes, listened to some Blackmore's Night and enjoyed the aroma.  10/10 would bathe again.

Verdict: This made for a really unique and relaxing bath time experience.  However I can't justify spending upwards of $6 on a single bath! Maybe when I'm not a student I'll have that kind of money to drop frequently, but for now I'll just enjoy them if they come in a future subscription box.

Price: $7

Futterwacken Body Wash

From The Bottle:  Mmmmmm delicious grapefuit! I love grapefruit and have actually recently finished off a grapefuit body wash, so receiving this was perfect! The bright orange color is also really neat.

In Action: It pours out easily and suds up in my shower poof nicely.  A little bit went a long way as far as creating sudsy shower time awesomeness.  It smells wonderful and I'm really going  to enjoy using this for my morning showers.

Verdict: I really love it!  I could definitely see ordering body wash from them in the future.  

Price full size: $11

Eat Me Perfume Oil

From The Bottle: When sniffing from the vial I am overwhelmed by the scent of sweet sweet pineapples.  It actually smells quite nice and I was very excited to try this on.

In Action:  When it is first put on the skin it smells kind of strange.  Not very pleasant at all....However as it sits for about an hour that weird after smell starts to fade and I get a faint scent of pineapple cake. The scent is not too strong, perhaps I'm just used to Possets, but I really have to focus when I smell my wrists in order to pick up on the pineapple and cake undertones. It lasts about 2-3 hours. I could perhaps see myself using this in the summer at the beach or pool when I do not care too much about how I look or smell and just want something subtle.

Verdict: Honestly this is probably my least favorite item in the box.  It just doesn't sit well on the skin. The smell has a weird undertone to it that I can't place but it's something odd....perhaps it's the cilantro note? I'm not really familiar with what cilantro smells like.  Other reviews of this have said its their favorite product from the box so I suppose it just depends on the person.  I've already bought the perfume oil from their Winter is Coming collection so I'm really hoping it performs better than this one....

Price: $6

We're All Mad Here Hand Sanitizer
From the Bottle: The mint is very strong right out of the container.  Even though I'm not a fan of mint the greens and cedarwood help balance it out a bit to create an overall pleasant odor. It also looks like it contains swirls of sparkle.
In Action: I love how this smells on my skin way more than in the bottle!  When you first rub in into your hands all you can smell is the alcohol but of course since alcohol is extremely volatile it evaporates fairly quickly leaving being a decently long lasting scent, about 30 minutes.  Now the musky cedarwood and leafy greens are what takes center stage creating a delightful floral woody scent.  So lovely! Also the sparkle doesn't seem to show on my hands, which I'm totally ok with.
Verdict: I love it! The smells lasts way longer on my hands than my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers.  I would definitely buy more of these. As someone who works in a lab, has pet rats, and has recently started exercising I use hand sanitizer quite often so this product is perfect for me. 

Price: $2.89- $6.49

Bonus Butterfly!
The box also came with this super cute slightly dilapidated butterfly! I think I'm going to find a way to attach it to my bathroom mirror.

As for the green packaging paper, I think my rats will thoroughly enjoy using it as some pretty colored bedding.

I love that I can 100% use every single product from this  box. After being disappointed by Ipsy one too many times this is a very nice surprise.

I want all the things in It's Only a Dream and Who Are You? Unfortunately everything sold out within minutes of I'm really really hoping I can get some shampoo, whipped cream, and perfume oils of those two scents once they restock.

Overall: This box is $20 including shipping which means each product cost me about $2.50.  With how long a few of these are going to last, I'd say this subscription is more than worth it! I had so much fun with all these products and I'll definitely be keeping my subscription.
Every box also comes with a $10 coupon code for the store! How awesome is that! Unfortunately shipping is pretty pricey but it still covers shipping plus a few dollars towards a product you really want.  It's meant to be spent to get your favorite full sized box products but I shared mine with a friend and used it early to pick up some items from their Winter is Coming collection.
I can't wait for the summer box!!!!

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