Thursday, March 12, 2015

NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel

As you probably already know NYX recently released two new lip lines, an intense butter gloss and a high voltage lipstick.  While I was hoping to snag one from each collection ULTA was out of stock of the high voltage I wanted (don't worry I'm ordering it online). Today I will be sharing the very last Berry Strudel intense butter gloss that I snagged off the shelf a few days ago. I'm a sucker for purple so of course I had to have this intense purple gloss

As far as pigmentation this wins every award ever.  I can hardly believe its a gloss after applying.  It is so friggin pigmented!! It applies very easily, just be careful not to stray outside the lines as it is very opaque. It is not perfect definitely lacks in the wear time department.  It stays for a few hours however the color towards the center of the mouth disappears rather quickly.  

In order to remedy this I will probably not wear this gloss alone.

Instead I'll throw it on over NYX's macaron lippie in Violet! Yay! Now the issue of any lightly covered glossy spots is gone, plus if it starts to wear in the middle the lipstick underneath will keep the color looking perfect.  It also makes both colors last longer than they would alone.

Here is a full face of me with Berry Strudel over Violet. I love it so much.

While I really like this one I will probably not be grabbing more just because I'm not really a gloss fan and none of the other colors really stand out to me.  If I were to pick up another one it would probably be Toasted Marshmallow.

Where to buy:, ULTA, drugstores
Price: $6

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