Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hello Waffle Cosmetics Haul

I have placed yet another order with Hello Waffle Cosmetics! I didn't go too crazy however and only picked up a full size shadow, a half size, and a sample.  

The three shadows I decided on were Hisster Prynne, Catticus Finch, and Ethereal Voice. 

I have already swatched Hisster Prynne in a previous post but look at that art, how could I not show it again!? I love this color because it is right on the border between red and pink.  It can make an eye look go from normal to intense in 5 seconds. I love it! 

The halfing shadow I decided on was Catticus Finch.  This is a really really pretty light lavender with gold sparkles.  This is the hardest color I have ever tried to photograph.  In the container it looks grey and on my wrist it looks almost blueish. Whyyyy. It is light grey purple, I promise. On my eyes it loses the goldish shimmer and is mostly just a pale lavender. I was expecting a bit more from it so I'm glad I only picked up the halfling size, but even though I was a bit underwhelmed I like it nonetheless!

For my sample I asked to try Ethereal Voice and the company delivered! This is a very pretty dark purple shade with gold shimmer.  I will definitely enjoy using the sample however it is not quite as unique as I was hoping. I already have quite a few dark purples that look just like this when blended into my crease.  

Sorry about the strange lighting....I was at my parents house and didn't have the levels of natural and artificial light that I'm used to working with.
For this look I used Catticus Finch on my lid, Ethereal Voice in my crease, and Hisster Prynne on m lower lashline.  I love the combination of Catticus and Hisster.  I have been lightly dabbing Hisster over Catticus to create a really interesting lavender with red shimmer kind of shadow look.  
To get an idea of what Catticus Finch looks really like refer to the full face shot. I could not get it to show up correctly on the eye only pics.  I really wish it was lip safe!
On my lips is Maybelline Color Whisper in Plum Prospect.

Where to buy: hellowafflecosmetics.com

Full- $7.75 CAD (~$6.14)
Half- $4.15 CAD (~$3.29)

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