Monday, March 16, 2015

Kamelot Haven Makeup

Recently Kamelot has announced the release of a new album on May 5th.
After Nightwish's lack luster album cover reveal I was totally blown away by Kamelot's! I love it and I need a shirt with this design.  NEED. Anyway because I like mixing my interests as much as possible I decided to attempt copying the makeup of the girl as closely as I could.  There wasn't much to work with but I gave it a go.

Here is the album cover for reference.  From this you can see she is wearing a thick upper eye liner with a dark even shadow all over the lid almost up to the eyebrows.  Also there is a lot of black shadow smudged underneath her eyes.  The lips look pale and almost skin colored.

So here is me! 
All over my lid I applied Haywire by NYX Cosmetics.  I then created the thick liner using Urban Decay's liner in Zero.  Finally using Black Out by Urban Decay as well I smudged black under my eyes.  For my lips, I just dabbed them with powder foundation.  I really wish I would have had some false lashes in order to match even better.

I thought this would look pretty ridiculous in any position other than the eyes closed profile but honestly I don't hate it.  If I wore this in public everyone would probably attempt to avoid me out of fear, but I would definitely look dark and fabulous.  

Ok I always seem to do something embarrassing every time I use symphonic metal as a source of makeup inspiration. So here is me photoshopped onto the album cover.  I'm not near as adorable as the model they used and my facial features didn't line up quite right.  My eye is almost completely covered by hair :(
But all that aside I think I did an ok job for not being a photoshop master. 

I can't wait for the first single to be released! <3

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