Friday, May 22, 2015

Spring Watercolor Nails

This weeks manicure is a mix of polish and Jamberry! I think Jams are going to become a staple in my polish looks.  My experience with them has been great and I can see using them all the time. For this nail look I will be reviewing a Jam sample, a nail polish I got in an Ipsy bag, and a nail polish I got for free.

My Jams from last week could have lasted a few more days but I was really itching to change things up so I took them off. I had a watercolor flower patterned Jam I really wanted to try out so I paired it with a hot pink and mint colored polish.  
The Jam is Faded Bouquet and while I think its a cool design I'm not sure I'd buy it.  I was a bit sad that with the sample I got the pink flower was in the middle of the strip, meaning it didn't make it onto my nail. that was supposed to help tie in the hot pink a bit.  The nail on my other hand doesn't have any pink showing at all. Oh well.  At least I don't have to worry about it chipping for the next week or so.
The pink polish I got in my April Ipsy glam bag and it was my absolute favorite product that month! I really like this nail polish.  I almost didn't even need two coats it goes on so opaque.  The formula is also not too thick and not too thin. Its a really nice polish overall.  Its by Julie G, a branch of Jesse's Girl cosmetics, and the color is Damsel.
The mint color is by Wet n Wild from their Spoiled collection.  The color is Mar-zi-panna. My opinion of this one is the opposite, I really don't like it.  The formula is thick and more gel like which I hate in a nail polish.  It was difficult to apply neatly as the brush is huge.  It also took forever to dry....the pink was good so I started doing things and ended up botching up my pinky because even though the pink was dry...the mint wasn't :/

They definitely make a statement but in a cute and spring themed way!

Overall, I think this mani is adorable and perfect for spring!

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