Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jamberry Celeb Status over MAC Bad Fairy

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while and unfortunately it will probably be a few days until I update again.  I have a huge comprehensive exam in a few days and I've been spending the week leading up to it studying non stop and not leaving my apartment.  So makeup.  I did do my nails last night though during my study break so I thought I should at least share that with you guys until this exam is behind me!

This week I used my Jamberry wrap in Celeb Status.  This is a clear wrap with three different patterns (hearts, stars, and chevron stripes) meaning you can either put it over another Jamberry wrap or stick it over your favorite nail polish. I opted for the second and put it over MACs Bad Fairy polish. I do wish I had chosen a different color. I think this wrap would have popped more with a lighter shade of polish. Anyway I had a bit of trouble with this run mostly because I have no air conditioning and its been in the 80s so my apartment is hot. Like really hot.  I was doing my nails and I think because they never really got a chance to cool down and because I was rushing they didn't turn out as nicely as usual.  Also the heat caused my nail polish to not quite dry even after waiting for what seemed like forever so whenever I made a wrap mistake when I pulled up on it to fix it some polish sometimes came off with it, leading to even more mistakes......
Moral of the story, don't apply Jamberrys in a hot apartment.
I really need an air conditioner....

Beside that these are super cute and I think next time I'll put them over a light lavender or even a white to really make the patterns pop!

BONUS! I also Jammed out my toes.  this picture was taken after already wearing them for two weeks and they are still going strong.  Jamberry pedicures will more than likely last me a month or two which is pretty awesome.  On my big toe is a Zoya polish in dark green with the clear wrap called Whisper on top.  On my toes is the junior wrap called Frosted.

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