Saturday, May 16, 2015

Art: Forest Pixie

Wow.  It has literally been months since I've picked up my Wacom tablet and finished a picture digitally.  The last few weeks I have been craving to do some digital work but my busy schedule made sure that didn't happen.  Finally now that the semester is over I was able to plug my tablet in, download the new driver, and get to drawing.  I decided to color a fairy that I had sketched about a week ago.

Here is the original sketch after being scanned into my computer.  I drew the upper body in like 10 minutes and then spent about 40 minutes on the legs.  I just suck so much at the lower half of bodies.  Ugh.  I also never add backgrounds to my pictures so this time I was determined to try something.  I really need to practice both legs and backgrounds more if I ever want to get any better.

And here is the finished picture, done on Photoshop 7.  I tried a different form of coloring this time.  I lined very thinly with black and then colored in the base colors.  From there I took a wet watercolor brush and did all the shading with that at varying opacities and sizes.  Overall I really like how it came out, especially considering I haven't touched my tablet in quite some time. I'm especially proud of that tree.  I literally never ever do backgrounds so I'm just really loving everything about this.  Hopefully this summer I can draw a lot more and keep improving. 

And here is the side by side sketch vs finished product comparison.  I love going back and looking at this to see just how much work I put into the picture.  

This was actually supposed to be a witch flying on a broomstick but as I started drawing the upper body I was getting more of a pixie vibe so I decided to completely scratch my initial idea and go with this.  That seems to always be how my pictures end up....completely different than what I had originally planned.
Haha oh well!

I hope you liked my first art post in a while.  I am definitely open to constructive criticism!

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