Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Break From Makeup: Fellowship Coffee Co.

I'm not sure if I've stated it here before, but I love coffee.  Not like in the casual I need some caffeine in the morning way. In the I drink it every morning regardless of whether its caffeinated or not because it tastes amazing way.
A few months ago my boyfriend's amazing parents gifted me a french press and my relationship with coffee has improved to levels I never imaged possible.  I take it black now all the time because it tastes delicious enough to drink without creamer.  I've dumped my single pod coffee maker in the trash and am now obsessed with fresh french pressed coffee.

It just so happens that a young couple I went to high school with have started roasting and flavoring their own coffee.  Being a coffee addict and also a person who likes to support small businesses whenever I can, I placed an order at Fellowship Coffee Co!

I decided to buy an 8oz jar of their lavender flavored coffee because I absolutely love the scent of lavender and having it mixed with my coffee just sounded divine.  At the time of purchase they were running a special and including a 4oz sample size with every purchase so I chose blueberry because fruit infused coffee sounded both interesting and delicious.

Before I get into the coffee I purchased I wanted to talk briefly about the company.  This is the card that was included in my purchase providing their web address and available flavors.  As you can see they offer some really unique options which is the reason I turn towards small businesses in the first place, especially for my makeup and perfume needs.

Katie and Josh flavor and roast their coffee themselves.  They will also grind the coffee to suit your needs.  I asked for a french press grind, but they also offer fine and whole bean. 
The coffee also comes packaged in very cute glass mason jars with the type of coffee included on the lid in a very neat font.  For the larger sizes there is also a label on the front with their logo.

Now onto the coffee itself!

I'm going to start with the lavender since this flavor is the whole reason I made the purchase in the first place. I had been looking for some edible lavender flowers for a while now but was having no luck at grocery stores, so I decided to get my lavender kick from this flavored coffee.  As you can see from the picture I did end up finding some flowers (yay!) at a local market and have since made lavender shortbread, lavender milkshakes, and lavender lemonade (I'm not obsessed I swear).

Anyway, from the jar this smells like regular old coffee so at first I was a bit worried. I scooped some out into my french press, added some hot water, stirred it up, and then took a sniff. YES.  There it was, that amazing lavender aroma. Mixing it with the hot water really brings out the smell and it is amazing. After it finished brewing I poured myself a cup and got to sipping.  The best thing about this coffee is that at every sip you are assaulted by the lavender.  It is absolutely perfect for those lazy mornings where you want to slowly sip and relax.  I would imagine the decaf version would also be wonderful at night before bed. I have only had this hot and black, but personally I don't see myself enjoying it any other way.  There is something about the simplicity of the lavender mixed with the coffee that I just do not want to ruin.

I would definitely buy again.

Next is the blueberry. I didn't go out and buy lavender and blueberries for these pictures I swear! It just so happened I had both already on hand, haha. I was between blueberry and rose for my free sample flavor but I decided to go with the blueberry because it is one of my favorite fruits and also I was already getting a flowered coffee so I wanted to mix things up a bit.

From the jar this smells incredible.  There is a very strong blueberry aroma and if I could bottle this scent I would wear it all the time.  Who knew blueberry and coffee could smell so amazing together?! Mixing it with the hot water in the french press provides the same results as with the lavender, there is a very strong aroma created. However unlike the lavender this flavor falls a bit short once it is poured onto a cup.  The scent isn't near as strong and the flavor is very weak.  Don't get me wrong, it is still very much enjoyable but I was hoping for a bit more punch.  It is possible however that I'm not using a high enough coffee to water ratio in order to produce a strong flavor.  I enjoy this the most as an iced coffee, as I think it helps bring out the blueberry flavor a bit better and the fruitiness just seems to work better cold.  Generally I have been mixing the coffee with some almond milk, a bit of sugar, and some ice. The website says this 4oz jar is good for one pot of coffee.  I've made 3 cups of it in my fresh press and still have about half left. 

I would probably not get this flavor again.

I do sort of regret not going for the rose as my free sample, but I'm glad I got to at least give the blueberry a try.  Once my lavender runs out I will probably be buying a 16oz size of it and also picking up an 8oz of the rose.

If you love coffee and are looking for some interesting and unique flavors, definitely give this business a try!

Where to buy: 

4oz $5
8oz $8
16oz $12

Katie also has her own line of handmade bags and clothing, so look forward to the review of my A Girl Named Katie purchase in the near future!

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