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Like Twice, My Clothing Experience

My mom has been subscribed to Stitch Fix for a few months now and I've been jealous of the cute high end outfits she has been receiving.  I looked into subscribing but almost had a heart attack at the prices.  I am a poor student, I can't afford $90 jeans!! So I started browsing the internet for a cheaper alternative.  I love the idea of a stylist picking out clothes for me so I can go outside my comfort zone but I don't need insanely expensive pieces.  I shop at thrift stores and the clearance section.....
Well I couldn't find anything quite like that but instead discovered Twice, a clothing store that specializes in selling high end pre owned brand named clothing.  I hopped on and browsed the site, quickly finding all sorts of items in my size between $8 to $12 a piece. I filled my cart until I reached $50 to get the free shipping and placed an order for 9 articles of clothing.  I had the 40% off sign up discount so.....NINE pieces for FIFTY dollars.  That averages to about $5.50 a piece and I didn't even have to browse through a thrift store. Here is my order info to give you an idea of how much I saved.

   Subtotal                        $83.55
  Coupon                        -$33.42
Shipping                        Free!
   Total                             $50.13

The way it works is that people sell their lightly used and undamaged items to the company and they put them up for sale. You can add an item to your cart and it is held for an hour before it goes back into the clothing pool.  To give you an idea I added about 20 things to my wish list and then had to go out for dinner with my family.  when I returned about 25% of those items had been sold, some that I really liked :(
So I quickly added everything that was still available in my wishlist to my cart and looked through to find the things I liked the best and that I felt were closest to my measurements. I deleted the things I didn't absolutely love, releasing them from hold and allowing someone else to add it to their cart for an hour.

I made my purchase on May 10th, it shipped May 11th, and I received my items on May 16th.

Now the real test will be how well these items fit and their overall quality.  Let's check it out.

Ann Taylor Loft
Purple 3/4 Sleeve Blouse
SIZE XS • ORIG. $48.99

So this shirt fit really well, as I expected because it was in my usual Loft size. The material is kind of silky smooth, which I wasn't expecting but I kind of like it.  the whole point of this order was to go outside my comfort zone a bit and I definitely did with this material.  I'll definitely have to be careful not to let this wrinkle however.  It will be really nice in the Fall.

Ann Taylor Loft
Blue Tank Top
SIZE 0 • ORIG. $34.30

Unfortunately this was was unbelievably small. My boobs need to be about two sizes smaller to get into this tank top, I couldn't zip it up the whole way.  I know I am a XS/S in Loft sizes but this tank top was sized in numbers.  I should have known better than to assume I was a size zero in anything.  Because this was a final sale item it cannot be returned.  This is stated clearly upon purchase so it was my own fault for taking a sizing chance on a non returnable item.  However I am a bit annoyed that its bust measurement was 30 inches, as was most of the items I bought so I really thought I was safe.  Moral of the not order from a brand that you do not know for sure what your size is from them and if you do make sure it is a returnable item.

Ann Taylor Loft
Black "Marisa" Shorts
SIZE 2 • ORIG. $55.15

These were a bit longer than I expected.  I really should have payed attention to the length measurement provided.  Regardless I still really like them and they will make a really comfy summer dress pant.  I wore these to my boyfriends birthday dinner!  The only weird thing about these is that the button is on the opposite end of what I'm used to so buttoning these up is always a bit awkward. I'm not sure why as I've never had this happen with Loft jeans.

Ann Taylor Loft
Purple Solid Mini Skirt
SIZE 0 • ORIG. $69.00

This skirt is so adorable and is a material similar to the 3/4 sleeve Loft blouse.  I do not own a skirt in this material but it is very light and smooth and will be very cute in the spring and summer, and maybe even the fall with a pair of leggings.  I'm not yet sure if I'm going to wear clothing over or under this skirt.

Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters
Purple Plaid Mini Skirt
SIZE M/L • ORIG. $38.00

This skirt is my favorite.  It is so cute and fits so well! It is also wool which is a material I have never owned before.  It has a nice smooth internal lining, making this a brilliantly adorable skirt for fall and winter...or maybe even a chilly spring day. It may be a bit too hot for summer though.  

BDG by Urban Outfitters
Solid Maroon T-Shirt
SIZE M • ORIG. $39.20

So this shirt is the only one I got that was a bit too big.  Now I know at least that I am a small at Urban Outfitters.  I've never shopped there before so I had no idea going in. I wish they would include a waist measurement.  It fits fine in the arms and boobs but is way baggy around my waist.  Since they pin the mannequins its impossible to know how the fit will be.  It isn't a total loss though.  It is very warm and will make a great snuggly comfy sweater in the winter time.  Calling it a T-shirt was pretty far fetched as it is definitely sweater material.

Striped Grey Tank Top
SIZE M • ORIG. $34.30

This tank top is so cute and fits jut right! It isn't super tight but isn't awkwardly baggy anywhere either.  To my dismay it had a shelf bra but it actually fits comfortably over my boobs, which has yet to ever happen with a built in bra, usually I have to cut them out.  I'm happy! :D
I'll be wearing it this summer for sure! (That awkward bulge at my hip is the internal tag that will need to be cut out).

Pink T-Shirt
FITS SIZE S • ORIG. $77.60

I think this shirt is my absolute favorite! It is so cute and fits so well! I don't own much pink and I own nothing with this sort of style.  I'm not wearing anything under it here but I definitely will when wearing it out.  I paired this with a blank tank top and the black Loft pants for a nice dinner with my boyfriend and his family. The sleeve decoration things are a bit out of my comfort zone but I'm trying hard to rock them! This is perfect for spring and summer.

Jones New York
Green T-Shirt
SIZE P • ORIG. $47.20

This is another one that I got that was out of my comfort zone.  I don't think I own anything this color but oh my gosh I love this shirt.  I always thought I was too broad shouldered for poofy sleeves but I'm trying to embrace it and not feel negative about my body.  This fits perfectly and is very adorable. I showed my mom this one and she said "I thought you said these were used?" I said, yep they are! and she said "Wow, I'd never have been able to tell!" :3
This is adorable for both spring and summer.

I don't know if it will help in your Twice shopping endeavors but my measurements are 35", 25", 36" and all of these outfits fit fine except when mentioned otherwise.

So overall I think I did pretty well.  Out of the 9 outfits I got only one that didn't fit.  Unfortunately its not one I can return so I'll be seeing if I can sell it to my brother's girlfriend for $4 to get some of my money back.  She is the only person I know how is smaller than me so I may have to look to Ebay if she doesn't want it.
I had quite a few that I absolutely adored and a few that were pretty ok, but I will wear all of them (minus the tank top) for sure!
If you would like to get $10 off your first order click this link and then I'll get $10 off as well! We both win! Yay!

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