Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jamberry Reminisce (Glossy)

So my Jamberry order came! I got Reminisce (Glossy), Celebrity Status, Marsala in Bloom, and Touch of Lace.

I decided to use Reminisce first just because its so ridiculously pretty.  Also I figure if I screw up application and they peel off in a few days I can always paint the mess up nails black.  I actually think I did these really really well.  There are like 2 wrinkles total across all 10 of my nails.  I really took my time and prepped, cut, and pressed every nail.  I'm so excited how much better I'm getting at this.

I found some cute flowers to take these pictures with.  These nails are perfect for girls like me who love summer and flowers...but also love black.  Light girly flowers just do not go with my personality so I absolutely love this dark flower print.  

There are a few more flower prints that are similar to this, Sweet Nothing and Cup of Tea.  I picked Reminisce over those because Sweet Nothing had no purple and Cup of Tea was half white which makes me sad.

My last free sample lasted 8 days until I had to peel it off.  Let's see if my meticulous application pays off with this manicure!


Alright so I waited to post this until a week had gone by.  I had taken a lot of care to apply these as carefully as possible and let me tell you it has payed off!!
I first buffed my nails then cleaned them with alcohol. I then made sure each Jam was cut to the right size of my nail and tried to get out all wrinkles with a cuticle pusher.  Well It has officially been one week and they are still hanging it There!

This has even been a very active week for me.  I soaked in a hot tub twice, ate crab legs using only my nails as tools, went camping, and washed my car.  All of these things usually destroy my nail polish but my Jams are still here! Out of all those things I think the hot tub affected them the most as it caused wrinkles to appear where they weren't before so keep that in mind if you wear Jams and hot tub frequently.  Overall I'm very happy and impressed.  :D

If you would like to purchase these and don't have a consultant consider Brandi.  she is young but very sweet and knowledgeable. 

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