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Fortune Cookie Soap Straight On Till Morning Summer Soap Box 2015

As school lets out and the temperature rises summer is on the horizon! This month Fortune Cookie Soap is helping me prep for summer with their Peter Pan themed soap box!  This one is called Straight on Till Morning and is packed with cutely named products with a delightful summer scents!

I loved Peter Pan when I was little and was pretty pleased with the overall theme.  The scents however are not quite as up my alley as I tend to me a spring/fall scent kind of gal rather than a summer/winter.  That is not to say they aren't lovely as most of them are, I just personally don't see my self buying a ton of these like I did with Spring.

So here is the haul! This time around we got a fortune cookie soap, a perfume, a lip balm, a hand sanitizer, a salt scrub, a shower steamer, a deodorant, and a moisturizer! Yay!

Let's jump right in and start talking about the products.

First up is the most beautiful bar of soap I've ever seen in my life.  Just wow.  The galaxy pattern and glitter make this incredible.  It's almost too pretty to use....but for the sake of this review it is a sacrifice I must take!

Initial Sniff: This smells divine.  The berries are very strong and very yummy! The mint is there too but thankfully isn't too powerful. I'm not sure what pomelo is however so I can't comment on that.  

In Action: These seem pretty consistent so far.  They suds up nicely and last quite a while.  I've used this one once so far and the glitter is still there, so it won't be all falling off on the first use.

Verdict: I really want to try their shampoo bars and this may be the scent I buy it in because it is one of my favorites from the collection.

Initial Sniff: Oh my goodness this smells like an extremely strong alcoholic tropical beverage. The coconut is very overpowering but is evened out a bit by the fruit.  I can't specifically smell cherries but its definitely fruity. 

In Action: Even when on this still smells like an alcoholic fruity drink.  I think the sparkle factor of this one is greater than last seasons.  The glitter is more noticeable and stays on the hands for at least an hour.

Verdict: This is an interesting scent and is kinda fun since it mimics a fruity coconut daiquiri, but its not really for me. The coconut is way too sweet and strong.

Initial Sniff: This is really nice and another one of my favorites this month.  You can't go wrong with peaches and apricots, it is very pleasant. Also its lavender colored which made me smile when I opened it!

In Action: Compared to some of the stronger scented whipped creams this one does not last near as long.  I love applying this before bed because it is so light and comforting and it doesn't matter if the smell fades in 1-2 hours because I'll be fast asleep.

Verdict: I am not yet sure if I am going to get something in this scent.  I really love it but it isn't super unique.  Perhaps only if it is released as a linen spray.

So this perfume is like a mini lava lamp, its pretty cool. It separates so you shake it before use and it creates a cool bubbly, oily mix.  It really does look like a mermaid lagoon.

Initial Sniff: It seems the only scent in here is coconut which had me hesitant as the coconut in the hand santizer was pretty strong and I tend to not like strong coconut, but this is completely different.  It is light and airy and reminds me of the ocean.  I really like this.

In Action: So because I didn't read the instructions first I didn't shake this and ended up spraying blue on my arm.  So please shake it and don't stain your clothing.  Once on it leaves behind a light and pleasant coconut scent that isn't tacky or obnoxious.  It is very subtle and very summery. It lasted on me for about 3-4 hours and I think the smell gets better as it wears.

Verdict: While I really like this I'm not sure I like it enough to buy a full size.  Coconut just isn't really me.  If you do love coconut I would highly highly recommend this though.

While the tube on this is tiny it seems like there is a decent amount of product in here which is pretty neat! I just wish it was a bit pigmented.

Initial Sniff: The watermelon is very noticeable.  I can also pick up on the pineapple a bit.  It is very fresh and fruity and fun! I t kind of reminds me of PEZ. I really like it and will be throwing it in my purse as my summer travel lip balm. 

In Action: It goes on a bit less smooth than I expected, however it isn't uncomfortable to apply. The watermelon scent is pleasing and fun and not too sweet and artificial. It definitely softened my lips and I'll probably use it as a base under my lipstick to keep my lips soft this summer.

Verdict:  I already have quite the lip balm collection and since there is no pigment I do not think I'd buy this. Also because of the summer theme I'd have liked to see some SPF added.  Without it, its nice and the smell is lovely but it's just not for me. I like color and sun protection too much. :P

Initial Sniff: This is kind of gross....Like...really gross. I honestly don't know how to describe this, it kind of reminds me of old soap that your grandma has kept in the cupboard for 10 years past its expiration.  I know I've tried a margarita once and hated it so maybe that's why I don't like this scent.  I'm hoping it will smell differently once I take it in the shower.

In Action: Well the scent didn't improve but I love the feel of the salt scrub.  It isn't too rough and the crystals slowly dissolve as you use it.  My hands were left nice and soft afterwards.  I asked my parents how they felt about it and they both liked it.  My mom who occasionally drinks margaritas said it smelled like one and was quite nice.  My dad who loves margaritas said it smells like perfume, haha. 

Verdict: No. Just no.  I like the salt scrub but the scent is disgusting to me....however if you do like margaritas you may enjoy this way more than I did.

UPDATE: I've used half of this now and I think it smells a lot better.  Maybe only a certain note was rising to the top so that was the majority of what I smelled at first. I wouldn't buy anything with this scent but it doesn't smell as bad as previously described.

I am so excited about this!  I was just thinking about trying out an indie deodorant and now I can!  I have an issue with sweating and it sucks.  I have a prescription power roll on antiperspirant that works for 3 days.  The issue is that it has no deodorant properties and I am not allowed to pair it with other it's been sadly sitting in my closet unused. But now I'm hoping I can pair it with this and have the best of both worlds!!

Initial Sniff: From the stick this smells sort of odd. But then again I'm not a huge green apple person. It smells strange and artificial to me so I'm not really feeling it.

In Action: I rubbed this on this morning and then went to meet my mom for lunch.  the scent lasts about 1 hour and is quite subtle. I had it on for two hours and while I couldn't smell the deodorant I also couldn't smell myself which is nice. If these deodorants become a thing I may definitely pick one up.

Verdict: I love the idea of an indie deodorant but I'm not a huge fan of this scent.  If they release a deodorant line I will probably buy it in a different fragrance.  Maybe The Captain!

Initial Sniff: This smells very floral and lovely.  I love flowers and am glad at least one floral was included in this release.  Flowers, berries, and cream is like perfect for me! I love this.

In Action: I don't know why but I just cannot get these steamers to work.  I've heard of such great results from other bloggers but I get nothing.  No scent, not anything...just a shower fizz slowly fizzing down the drain.  Maybe I just don't have a shower that is suited for these....

Verdict: I will definitely be purchasing something with this scent after the release.  Perhaps a perfume!


The bonus this time was a red feather.  It goes with the Peter Pan theme but is a bit less useful as the butterfly from last time that is now decorating my bathroom mirror.  Oh well.  Maybe my rats will like playing with it.

I'm very excited to use my $10 off coupon included in the box and am currently planning on purchasing an item of Second Star To The Right and The Captain.  Lost boys is still up in the air.



The launch party happened and my wallet officially hates me.  I bought so much......look forward to my summer haul post!! I got a bit more than I expected because at the end of the launch party stream we were given a code for 25% off! I basically got the linen spray and wax tarts free!

Here is a little sneak peek at what I'll be reviewing!

KISS Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Bar
KISS Wax Tart
THE CAPTAIN Veggie Protein Deodorant
THE CAPTAIN Perfume Oil - 2 dram
LOST BOYS Perfume Oil - 1 dram
LOST BOYS Hydrate Me

I also wanted the Lost Boys solid bubble bath but it sold out in my cart :(

Can you tell my four favorite scents?? Haha! Many of these products I have yet to try so I'm very excited!

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