Saturday, May 2, 2015

Black Lavender FOTD

Forgive the name.  I really had no clue what to  call this look but I rather enjoyed it, especially because of how simple it is. 
I also really like combining stereotypical spring colors with an overall darker look.  I just love the contrast! :)

I started by applying NYX Milk just because light colors like this tend to not show up very well on my skin.  After blending Milk I patted Hello Waffle Cosmetic's Catticus Finch onto my eye lid and blended up to my brow bone. I then took a tiny dab of Urban Decay's Blackout and used it to darken my outer corner. I then took my Jesse's Girl liquid liner and made a super long exaggerated wing because why not!

I love Catticus Finch so much but it photographs really crappy.  It is such a beautiful pale lavender but my camera just hates it.....:(
On my lips is Cold Hearted by NYX which I will review very soon!

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