Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jamberry Sheet Music Wraps

The wraps for this week have a special purpose!  My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow and because he plays piano and loves music I wanted to do my nails special for his day! :)

I knew that these Sheet Music Jamberry wraps would be perfect!

I pulled out my old clarinet for this one!  I played consistently for 8 years but unfortunately stopped when I went to college. Anyway...these nails are definitely adorable. From far away they don't pop like some other designs do but when you get close enough to see the details they are just so pretty and interesting.  While they are not exactly accurate (what is up with those random ledger lines with no notes on them??) they will be perfect for any music lover!

I accidentally misaligned my thumb a bit but otherwise this application went really well.  I had some metallics on last week but didn't post them because I did a really crappy job applying them.  I just can't get them to cooperate.  I guess I'm not on that level yet.....However they still stayed on for a week and could have gone longer but I wanted to put these on in prep for my love's birthday.  If you are new to Jamberry DO NOT ORDER METALLICS. I would hate for someone to get metallics and be unable to make them look nice and write off Jamberry completely.  I have only used the regulars and they apply beautifully. I hope to pick up some glitters soon and give those a try.

I may have had a bit too much fun with these clarinet shots :P

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