Thursday, September 3, 2015

Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lipstick in Tulle, Trap, Koala, and Mars

I was super excited for these Ultra matte lipsticks as soon as I heard about them for the first time.  I LOVE matte lipsticks, especially in a liquid formula, plus they are only $6! You really can't go wrong.  The only thing that could make something like that more perfect was if they were super opaque and lasted for hours.......oh wait! ;P

This formula is the bomb.  The lipsticks go on opaque and completely even for the lighter colors.  There is a bit of uneven color for the darker ones but another coat would fix that right up! Its honestly not even that noticeable in person so I don't bother with a second coat. These stay put on my lips for hours.  The only time they start to die is when I eat something greasy, but even then they hold up really well! I had the Pizza Hut lunch buffet and Mars was faded in the middle of my lips but from a distance, you could barely even tell I just devoured way too much greasy pizza goodness. Also they are transfer proof! I can kiss my boyfriend on the cheek as much as I want to and he won't get covered in lipstick! For $6 these are 110% worth every penny.  My only complaint would be the dryness, I may have trouble pulling these off in winter.

Tulle is a gorgeous deep brownish red.  It is absolutely gorgeous and will be amazing for fall. I could see this pairing with almost any of my fall outfits and I'm sure in a few months it will be an every day lipstick for me.

Trap is a very interesting slightly purple nude.  In yellow light it looks brown but in natural light the purple comes out a lot more.  I really adore it as a nude and can see wearing this with a dark smokey eye often.

Koala is a light pinkish purple.  This is honestly one of my least favorites because based on swatches I though it was be a bit more purple on me and less pink.  I think it makes my skin tone look a bit weird so I'm not sure where and when I'm going to be able to wear this. I don't mind how it looks in the pictures I took however so maybe I'm being too negative about it and it actually looks just fine, haha!

Mars.  An absolutely stunning deep pinkish red. I am in love with this shade and it is probably my favorite.  I wasn't even going to get it initially and just threw it in my cart last minute. I love this shade because it is bold and in your face but also goes with a lot of outfits.  I've worn this with all black, light green, somehow looks awesome no matter what I'm wearing.  I'm in love.

Overall I would recommend these, they have a great formula and the quality is fantastic for the price! <3

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Price: $6

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