Tuesday, September 15, 2015

TeeFury Too Haute To Handle Pokemon Skirt

Ever since TeeFury first released their Pokemon skirt collection I wanted on sooooo badly.  However the $35 price tag seriously made me contemplate it for a long time.  I'm one of those girls that will spend a ton on makeup but when it comes to clothes anything more than $10 makes me frown. 
Well after a long hard internal debate I finally decided to make the purchase.  I was between the Too Haute To Handle and Lavender Town skirt but ultimately decided on the fire type one because I own so much purple already I thought I should be a little different by getting this maroon and orange skirt. Plus the fire type is one of my favorites! 
Well I went to purchase my skirt and....it was out of stock.  I was pretty bummed but a while later I get an ad on Facebook telling me they are back in stock, so I wasted no time and purchased it (with the 10% off code).

So here it is.  It has an adorable print featuring flames, leaves, Charmander, Growlithe, Cyndaquil, Ponyta, Torchic, Flareon, and Vulpix. I am a bit bummed that Flareon and Vulpix only exist as cut off bottoms to my skirt as they are two of my favorite fire types. Other than that minor personal graphic complaint this print is super cute! From far away it just looks like a nicely patterned skirt but up close everyone will be able to see just how ridiculous I really am. The material also seems to be high quality, which I was expecting considering the price tag.  My only other complaint about this skirt is that the Medium I bought is a bit tighter than I was expecting.  My waist ranges from 26-28 inches and a medium is 26" while a large is 29.5".  I like my skirts to fit tight around my wast so I knew I didn't want a large but the medium is really on the edge for me.  It definitely fits but I can't wear it anywhere else besides on the smallest part of my waist. Something right in the middle of Medium and Large would have been absolutely perfect.

Here is a close up of the pattern,

And another.

And here is me awkwardly posing for you. As you can see I have to wear it pretty high up on my waist, which is generally where I wear most of my skirts anyway, but I'm not sure I could wear it without spanks or leggings as it gets kind of short wearing it up that high.
I can see this looking very cute this Fall with a 3/4 length sleeve black top, black tights, and black boots.

Sorry for the quality....I have crappy light where my mirror is.

Overall I am pleased with this purchase.  The design is adorable, the quality is good, and it is definitely wearable.
I'm not 100% sure if it was really worth $35.  I think $25 would have been a bit more reasonable but alas. I don't think I'd buy another skirt but I will definitely continue to purchase their daily t shirts....I already own a few and I currently have a Kiki's Delivery Service one on the way!

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