Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rediscovered Love: MAC Violetta

I bought Violetta at least 2 years ago and it was seriously my most worn lipstick for a long time but with all the new purples that have come out lately it got pushed to the back burner for quite some time.  Well I woke up one day, had my clothes picked out, then sad down to do my makeup.  I did my eyes in all matte with my Blackbird Cosmetics shadows and just got this sudden desire to pair it with Violetta.  Oh my am I so glad I did!  I was really digging my overall aesthetic that day.  Violetta just went amazingly well with the matte eye, purple jewelry, and black top.

The best thing about Violetta is that its a very wearable purple.  It is definitely more pinkish purple than true purple and the slight shimmer just really makes it stand out when paired with a dark outfit.  I always feel confident when I have this lipstick on and I really need to pull it out more this Fall.

As you can see it looks much more purple in the tube than it does on the lips.  It is a beautiful pinkish purple with blue shimmer and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

For my eyes I used all Blackbird shadows with Figment on my lid, Gravity in my crease, Smudge as definition, and Vintage under my eye.  

Also if you can see my earrings I made them by wire wrapping the pearls that came in the Fall Fortune Cookie Soap Box.  They were just too cute to throw away so I decided to turn them into something useful!


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