Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pegasus22 Jewelry Haul

While browsing the internet for jewelry for my fairy costume I stumbled upon this amazing Etsy shop, Pegasus22.  This shop carries the most absolutely stunning jewelry at incredibly cheap prices!! They are meant to be added to and customized to create your own pieces so many of them have little circles for attaching chains and other bits. 

These are the 3 pieces I picked up.  Unfortunately my before shots of these were erased when my memory card got corrupted so I don't have the original pictures and I don't want to deal with undoing my metal bending to revert them to their previous state.  You will be able to find nice pictures of all of these on Pegasus22's shop by searching the names of the pieces, so no worries!

Green Dragon Scale Regal Woodland Elven Pendant

This is the piece that introduced me to the shop. I was searching for elven like jewelry and was captivated by this piece.  I instantly knew I wanted to turn it into a choker.  Because the prices were so cheap I decided to get more than just this to make shipping a bit more worth it.

This came without the chain, I attached that later.  I love the green jewel, the yellow flecks give it such interesting dimension.

It also has a gorgeous antiqued silver look which is my favorite kind of finish for silver jewelry! I get so many compliments whenever I wear this.

Price: $4

Starry Sky Purple Opal Glass Cabochon Silver Leaf Shape Pendant

These gorgeous things came in a set of two so I knew I needed to make them into earrings! You get only the main pendant, I added the earring hooks and the little leaves.

I needed these mostly because the gem looked like a galaxy and I was just instantly enamored.

These babies area  bit bulky so when I wear them I generally do not wear a necklace as they really do take center stage, especially with my short hair.

Price: $3

Fantasy and Galaxy Oval Silver frame Cabochon Pendant

I was going to stop there but after stumbling on this pendant while on the way to check out I couldn't turn it down for the price! This gem has no texture and instead has a solid shiny finish. I chose to get it in the light grey, there are quite a few other  color options available.

I love the dimension of the gemstone.  The circle decorations are not hollow so it isn't as easy to attach anything to this, so I've left it alone.  I think it looks great how it is.  It is nice, simple, and pretty.

My favorite thing about this pendant is that it matches almost everything I own so I keep it with me in my makeup bag so I can throw it on if I ever need to look fancy on the go!

Price: $2

Overall I am extremely pleased with my Pegasus22 purchase.  If you are looking for some cheap jewelry pieces definitely give them a look. I've had these for a month or so now and have had no fading or breaking. I know I'll definitely be ordering again.  Even while I was browsing to find the names of these pieces for this post I saw even more things that I wanted!

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