Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jamberry Fall 2015 Catalog

So the new Jamberry catalog is out featuring some new wraps and holiday exclusives!!

I have been looking forward to this release all of August so I thought it would be fun to discuss which of the new wraps are my favorites and why!

Let's start with the new holiday wraps.


Double Trouble

Oh. My. God. OMG. These are perfect and they are everything and I need like 3 sheets.  SO ADORABLE.  I screamed when I saw these and can't wait to see what they look like on the nails. I especially love these because I think they look like Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service.

These wraps are a must have for me. Meow.

Eerie Nights

I think the art on these is really really awesome but I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to be getting them yet because unlike Double Trouble they aren't really wearable outside the holiday season.  I think I'm going to wait to see them on nails before I make a decision.  If they look ridiculously amazing when worn then I'll probably pick them up.

 Faux Fox

This is another incredibly adorable wrap.  I am 95% sure I will be getting this one.  I have an order on the way with Sly As a Fox in it because I really wanted fox nails but they only made them in juniors.....well now I can put foxes on my fingernails AND my toenails!!! Yay!!


This is the only Christmas themed one I'm considering, because even without a Christmas label to it I think it s a pretty cute design.  I love the silver, grey and red combo and can't wait to see this on some nails.   I think the design is interesting and could be worn for Christmas and beyond, which makes this festive and practical!

So those are all the Holiday wraps (available until January) that I am thinking about picking up at some point this season. Next I'm going to talk about my favorite new additions to the regular catalog!

New Fall 2015 Additions

Broken Arrow

This wrap seriously intrigues me..... If you look at the full sheet it is a grey base with a rainbow of metallic color in a broken zig zag pattern.  This wrap looks like it has the potential to be very beautiful and very unique.

Only downside is that I'm not crazy about the gold and orange accent pieces, but the overall presentation might be awesome enough to overcome this personal qualm.


I'm not sure if I will like how this will look on nails but for some reason my eyes keep coming back to this wrap.  The gorgeous deep pink mixed with the sky blue is such a lovely combo.  The design and color of this wrap is really neat but I will definitely have to see it modeled on some nails before I make a purchase decision.

Ribbon Dance

The colors of this wrap are right up my alley.  This is definitely a great anytime anywhere casual wrap for me!  Very excited to try this one!

Dusty Rose

I loved this one the moment I saw it!  I was really excited to see what new florals the new catalog would bring and this definitely takes the cake!  I love the soft pink on the grey.  Its bold yet classy, I will definitely be needing this.

Ombre Lotus

This is another wrap that I think looks like it could be really pretty but I'll need to see it on some nails before I make a final purchase decision.  I love the purple fade and the petal design though and I'm really hoping I'll like this one in action!


Not yet sure how I feel about this one but it reminds me of stained glass and could be very beautiful as an accent nail.  I think it will be a bit much for me to do a full manicure of this one but I am definitely intrigued by this design. This wrap is also under the sports section, which doesn't really make sense to me but oh well.  What isn't in the sports section that I was hoping to see was a weight lifting themed wrap! I totally wanna wear dumbbells on my nails while lifting! :P

Anyway, overall I am super excited about this new catalog and how awesome my nails are going to look this year! 

Which are your favorites??


I found Faux Fox and Double Trouble on nails and I am so in love I can't even!

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