Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bulu Box September 2015

So whether you know or not I have, within the last 2 months, attempted to start working out more.  I tried to do a mix of cardio and weight lifting but very soon realized that cardio made me hate literally everything so I've decided to stick to weight lifting for the time being.  Lifting weights makes me feel....amazing.  The muscle soreness a day or so after working out is just incredible.  It is physical proof that I have accomplished something. 
In order to supplement my new lifestyle I was looking at a few subscription boxes and decided on Bulu box for two reasons.  First it lets you pick your preferred method of working out, so I was able to say that I lift weights which would put more protein based items in my box. Second I found a coupon code to get every box for the rest of my subscription for $5 instead of $10! There was no way I was going to give up that offer. 
There are two types of boxes available, the regular and the weight loss. I opted for the regular because I am working towards dem gainz.

So Bulu box comes once a month in an orange container printed with little phrases.  Every month you can review your items and earn up to $5 to put towards something in the Bulu store.  They sell everything that you get in the box plus so much  more! I am saving up my points to put towards a new protein powder for sure!
When I subscribed they said my first box would ship in October....well to my surprise I visited my parents only to see this orange box sitting in my room! Yay!

Now...I have not tried everything in this box but because September is almost over I wanted to get this posted.  I didn't want to rush to eat all these things just to review them.  I would rather use them when I need them so I can provide a more accurate and realistic review for you.  Therefore as I try these items I will be editing this post.  For now some items may only be half reviewed.

Vital4U Liquid Energy Ginseng Drink

Initial Thoughts: Oh my this is such a cool product and idea! This will be ABSOLUTELY perfect on days that I have to be on campus ridiculously early and just don't have time to make a coffee. Also. Holy crap. It's coffee flavored! HOW DID THEY KNOW!? I'm so excited to give this a try!

Verdict: So I had to get up early for class and accidentally overslept so I grabbed this quick instead of making or buying coffee. Oh. God.  This smells like cat food and tastes like coffee liqueur, in a bad way. It was seriously so gross I brushed my teeth twice afterwards.  I didn't yawn once during my class or teaching but overall, I would not recommend....

Value: 12 packs is $17 so....$1.40

Manitoba Harvest HempPro 70

Initial Thoughts: Once again this box has gotten my flavor preferences down perfectly! I love vanilla and will choose it any day of the week over chocolate! I am very excited to throw this powder into my next smoothie.  If I like it enough it may be the full sized powder I end up spending my points on!


Value: $25 for 10 servings so.....$2.50

Caveman Nutrition Bar

Initial Thoughts: I love throwing granola bars in my bag in case I find myself starving while on campus all day so I definitely welcome all little snacky items!  I received this in the flavor Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut, which is fine with me.  It is 100 calories for a tiny little square however. I'm not sure how well this will fill me up, but I look forward to tasting it!

Verdict: So I think this is pretty darn tasty.  It is a bunch of oats, nuts, and fruit layered upon a bed of chocolate. It is sweet, tart, crunchy, and very delicious.  I may consider buying these because they taste amazing!

Value: $25 for 15 bar so....$1.67

NutriGold Triglyceride Omega-3 Gold

Initial Thoughts: Full sized item!!! Yay! I was excited to see this full sized jar for sure.  I don't currently take fish oil supplements but I have been thinking for a while that I should.  Seafood is my favorite type of meat but I do not eat it every day because of money mostly.  Smoked Salmon is expensive.....But I will definitely be taking one of these every day I do not get some seafood in my diet.  
WARNING: These pills are humongous. It is definitely the largest pill I've ever taken so if you are not good at swallowing large pills this may not be the product for you.  I personally had no issues but I also generally have no problem taking large pills.

Verdict:  I will definitely be using these while they last but I'm not sure if I have the funds to buy another bottle when mine runs out, especially since it is so expensive. 

Value: $17

RAP Protein Energy Gummies - Grape

Initial Thoughts: Protein....gummies? AWESOME! I love this idea and really hope it catches on. I love gummies and this is such a cute and easy way to get your protein after a workout.  I am not a fan of artificial grape however so I'm a bit nervous to give these a try.  However if I like them I may fork up the money to buy more of these because I love how easy it would be to eat these when I don't quite meet my protein goal for the day.

Verdict: These were actually pretty good.  The color was more brown than purple which was weird but they tasted pretty decent.  The first few were ok but I felt the more I ate the more I liked them.  The texture was a bit weird, not gummy like a gummy bear but a lot more solid.  I preferred the texture personally.  Would I buy these? They are a bit pricey but with the right coupon, yeah this is a really delicious and easy way to get 10g of protein!

Value: $21 for 12 $1.75

So those are the five items I received this month.  This box comes to a total of  $24.32 because of the full size item.  If I had received the fish oil as a sample as well it would have been about $10. Overall I think this box would be worth $10 as you get $5 in store credit with each box (although these points expire after a few months, which sucks) but if you can find some sort of coupon code to use when signing up it makes it even more worth it!
I also received some offers and coupons with this box.  They are currently selling the protein gummies for BOGO free. Additionally I got an offer for Fabletics but I'm going to pass because I'm addicted to Old Navy for my workout clothes.

Will I continue this subscription? Definitely! I love the idea of getting protein supplements and healthy snacks every month for $5 (usually $10). I am very happy with my first box!

Where to buy:
The above link is my referral link.  If you use it, thanks you're amazing, if not just go to to check out the website!

For your second month free use code Fantastic
I used mysub5 to get 50% off for life but I have no idea if it is still active.

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