Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Epica Concert Makeup

Alright! So last night my boyfriend and I went on a very special date to the Baltimore Soundstage in Maryland to see Epica! In addition to Epica, The Agonist and Eluveitie also performed.  As a warning this post is going to be super picture heavy.

So we were a bit rushed to get everything done in time to get to this concert as it was on a weeknight in a not very close location.  Therefore I did a very fast dark makeup look focusing on my eyes.  I attempted to spruce up my overall look by doing a bit more with my jewelry.  My dangle earrings are ones I made and after all that headbanging only one of the leaves fell off....but I ended up finding it so it wasn't even a loss! The Zelda necklace you might recognize from my Pagan Pride post, I decided to put it on a drop style kind of chain.  As for the choker....I totally sewed that together the day before using some ribbon and jewelry clasps.  I'm honestly surprised it didn't fall off because I can't sew for crap, haha!

Well this post is on a makeup blog so let's get the details on my face!  To do this look I put Urban Decay's Blackout all over my lid and blended it out into a smokey eye.  I then took Shiro Cosmetic's Mother of Dragons and patted it on my eye lid to give my lid a neat shimmery effect.  I then took Blackbird Cosmetic's Ruca and blended it under my eye, into Blackout to add at least a bit of color.  I then lined my eyes with Jesse's girl liquid liner and then did another layer over that with Jcat Beauty's red glitter liner.  I finished with Urban Decay's Perversion mascara.  My contour was done using MAC's Strange Imagination and on my lip's is Colourpop's Trap.  This only took about 15 minutes and definitely had the desired effect of dark but not too over the top. I wore dark lipstick to Nightwish and it looked horrible by the end of the night so I opted out of doing double dark eyes and lips this time. 

My entire outfit wasn't too exciting.  I went with all black and comfortable.  My top is a hand me down from B Crew, my jeans are from Loft, and my boots are from Hot Topic.

Now let's move on to the concert!!!

Here is the obligatory pre concert selfie Aaron and I took before getting into the venue.  We arrived right as the doors opened and the line wasn't long at all, the venue was super tiny, so we weren't outside for very long.

Up first was the Agonist.  I am pretty familiar with their songs from when Alissa White-Gluz was their vocalist but I haven't listened to their new album near as much.  Overall they did a pretty decent job.  I think its great that they kept pushing forward after Alissa went to Arch Enemy and I hope they continue to improve.

After that was Eluveitie, a Celtic inspired band that incorporates a large variety of vocal styles and instrumentals.  They played for a very long time, basically just as long as Epica, making me think that this tour is perhaps a double headliner.  Anyway they did a great job.  I had only listened to a handful of their songs before this show but it didn't even matter, they really made it enjoyable.  Once my boyfriend helped me move away from Inconsiderate Blonde Chick, I had a really great time dancing and headbanging to their set. 

And then EPICA! Simone is seriously even more beautiful in real life.  They played a great show with a nice mix of old and new songs. Sometimes Simone's voice was drowned out by the instrumentals but overall it was an absolute blast!

The only thing that I think was missing was a nice ballad.......and more play time, haha.
Now the only band left on my top list to see is Kamelot.

Here is what I bought.  I didn't go too crazy and only picked up a t shirt and a flag.  I got the only small in this design they had.  The guy actually had to remove it from the display.  At the end of the concert this style was completely sold out, as was the small size in most designs.  I hope they refill the stock each night because this was the first night of the tour and there were tons of people being turned away from the stands because they didn't have shirts in mediums and smalls. As for the flag....its freaking huge!! I have no idea where I'm going to put it but I can't wait to decorate my apartment with it!

If you are catching a later show on their North American Enigma Tour then I hope you have a great time too!

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