Sunday, December 14, 2014

Formula X Nail Polish in Voodoo

While black Friday shopping I picked up one of the $10 black Friday deals at Sephora.  I got the Formula X nail polish duo in Voodoo and Juju.  I plan on giving Juju as a Christmas present so I only have Voodoo to show you today, sorry!
I've been wanting to try Formula X for a while after hearing such great things about its staying power and well...after giving it a try I currently have a love hate relationship with this polish.

Pros:  It is an absolutely gorgeous color.  The pink is so soft and dainty while also having an interesting sheen to it.  Its just so neat! It is also insanely opaque.  I could have only applied one coat to get a full layer of color but out of habit I applied two anyway.  Because of this I could see this being a great polish to do designs with over dark nail colors.  I'm already planning a black nail with pink polka dots look!
Cons:  This has no staying power.  My Zoya polishes usually chip after 3 or 4 days even after doing dishes.  This started to chip after 24 hours. WHAT. I thought oh maybe it's just a fluke and patched up the tips, well every day I've worn it more and more and more chips formed.  I am pretty bummed  that a nail polish at Sephora has the staying power of a drug store polish.

To stop the annoying chipping I patched up the damage as well as I could and added a coat of Zoya's Pixiedust polish in Lux to the tips, creating a super cute sparkly pink manicure.  My nails make me feel like a princess <3

So my final verdict....maybe other Formula X  shades are better but this one is best used for nail designs rather than a simple all over color because of its great coverage but lack luster staying power.
I don't think I'd buy another one of these at full price unless I was sure the staying power would be improved, but at $5 I'm not mad about this purchase

Where to buy: Sephora,

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