Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finals Day Two: MAC Russian Red

What is finals week without my favorite red lipstick ever? Even more stressful, that's what.

So...on the second day of finals my grad school gave to me a full day of proctoring with a lipstick in Russian Red.

Yep I get to spend 6 hours today standing, walking, and staring at students to discourage them from cheating.  I decided to go with a fierce red lip and winged liner for extra intimidation. After my six hours are done, its back to studying!

So I was originally going to go with just a regular winged liner but I was listening to Kamelot on shuffle while doing my makeup and it inspired me to do something a little more intense.  How can you listen to Karma without wanting to make your eye liner a bit more dramatic? I know I can't.

So anyway, for my eyes I put Strange from Naked 3 all over my lid and brow bone,  I then very lightly dabbed Skinny Dip by NYX on my lid.  As you can see its not really noticeable, I just wanted some sort of change between my lid and brow. I then took my trusty Jesse's Girl liquid liner and drew in my wings.  I'm a little interested to see how well the bottom wing holds up after a few hours.

As for that Russian Red...gah I love it so much.  It has insane pigmentation, its beautifully matte, and it doesn't budge no matter what.  Perfect for a full day of work without any time for breaks or touch ups.  Buy this lipstick. You won't regret it.

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