Monday, December 1, 2014

Starlooks Guilty Pleasure Lip Trio with Charm, Odetta, and Guilty Pleasure

Look what finally came in the mail! Eeh!! Starlooks offered a special Guilty Pleasure lip trio set through Ipsy and for only $24 with free shipping how could I pass up a lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss!?

The products came in a super cute white bag with a 10% off my next order coupon code.

The lip set included the Guilty Pleasure lip gloss which I received the sample size of in my October glam bag, Odetta a soft pink matte lipstick, and charm a dark lavender lip pencil.

Let's check out some swatches!

I had gotten a nude pink Starlooks liner in a previous Ipsy bag and absolutely loved the formula so I was very excited about getting this.  I think out of the three this is definitely my favorite.  It is such a beautiful matte lavender that I think looks freaking great on me. The formula is very creamy, easy to apply, and can easily be worn alone without appearing dried out and gross like most lip liners tend to look upon solo application. Also obligatory wink to show off my awesome wing.

Next is Odetta, the matte lipstick.  As far as being matte I don't think it really is...the lip liner definitely but the lipstick has a bit of a sheen to it, which overall isn't' a big deal.  I had never tried a Starlooks lipstick so I was quite anxious to give this a try. I wore it out on a walk with my boyfriend and it lasted perfectly throughout our hour walk and my cappuccino. The formula is very impressive, creamy, yet still has enough stick to it that it doesn't just slide right off as soon as I try and drink a coffee.

Because I'm lazy I'm reusing the picture from my glam bag review.  It's the same product so I didn't see a point in taking an all new set of images. Anyway, this lip gloss drove me to buy the lip trio so obviously I like it.  It has decent pigmentation and staying power for a lip gloss and the soft pink can be worn alone or over top of most lip colors so it's very versatile.

Finally the moment you've all been waiting for....all three together! The purple undertones of the lip liner show through even when having a pink lip stick and lip gloss over top, which is awesome because I love purple.  It is a bit darker and less purpleythan the lip swatch they posted to their Instagram, but I still like the color so I'm not going to complain.  These three together definitely create a very nice, sophisticated, natural lip color.  Honestly I can see myself skipping the lip gloss over this and just wearing the lip liner and lipstick together and saving the lip gloss for solo lazy day use. This is mostly just personal preference as when I wear a full face I tend to prefer my lips being as matte as possible.  

Here is a side by side of Odetta alone, Charm alone, and then all three together.   I think this helps show how much of Charm shows through in the final look.

And finally here are the swatches after rubbing away at them, as you can see all three even the lip gloss left a stain, yay!   Also this is the lip trio after a few hours and two very delicious spinach lasagna roll ups (excuse the sauce on the corners of my mouth).  It evenly fades to a lighter pink, its nice knowing I can wear this through a meal without getting that dreaded lipstick outline.

The lip trio set is sold out, as per usual with the Ipsy special offers but the individual products can still be purchased.

Where to buy:

Lip liner- $13
Lipstick- $14
Lip gloss- $13

I've loved every Starlooks product I've tried so far....I may just have a new top brand! :)

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