Saturday, December 27, 2014

Have a Happy New Year and Play Pokemon Art Academy!

I havn't posted in a bit and I probably won't have a new update until after the new year...sorry about that.  I'm just very busy between prepping for Christmas, cleaning up from Christmas, seeing my friends and boyfriend, and enjoying New Years.  I got some sweet makeup for xmas so look forward for some new product reviews!! I'm so excited to try everything out! :)

I can share with you however some art I've been creating in the game I got for Christmas, Pokemon Art Academy.  Oh my gosh its so fun.  I havn't gotten super far yet but here are the two favorite pictures I've drawn so far:


And Eevee!!

I will have to say I don't know how fun this game would be for someone who has no drawing experience...but for me who does a lot of art on Photoshop I think the interface of this game is very nice.  Lineart goes on a separate layer so you can color under the lines.  Also you can zoom in pretty far allowing for this game to easily be played on a standard 3DS system, no XL required.  I just completed the exercise with the opacity tool and had a difficult Photoshop, I'm used to putting the opacity super low and building slowly, but even on the lowest setting in this game I feel it builds up really fast.  I may need to practice more...or just stick to cell shading, we shall see.  Regardless, if you love Pokemon and you have any sort of artistic ability whatsoever I would definitely recommend this game! <3

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