Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finals Day Four: Ulta Lip Liner in Punch

After an entire week of studying I finally took a final today.

On the fourth day of finals my grad school gave to me one physiology final with a contour lip liner in punch.

For my eye look...I kept seeing a double liner like this being done by a few Instagram beauty pages I follow so I decided to give it a go.
I started by putting Shiro Cosmetics Mother of Dragons in my crease and under my eye, then blending it out.  Then I covered my lid in Haywire by NYX.  Next I took Black Out by Urban Decay and lightly dabbed it around my upper and lower lashline, blending it out.  Then I grabbed my Ulta Kohl liner in Halo (I thin its discontinued) and thickly lined my upper lashline and inner corner. I finished up the look by drawing a wing with my Jesse's Girl liquid liner. 

As for the lip, I wear this under my red lipsticks all the time but realized that I'd never worn it alone.  For how cheap this lip liner is ($7 but usually a discount) it works really well. It glides on smoothly and looks creamy enough on the lips to be worn alone. It isn't drying and it has pretty good staying power too.  It only slightly started to fade after about 3 hours and some mac and cheese. These remind me of NYX's lip liners except less drying, which makes sense as they are more expensive.  Overall I would buy more of these.

One final down...only one more to go!!! :D

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