Friday, December 19, 2014

Mary Kay Lip Gloss in Berry Dazzle and Red Passion

While I no longer am selling Mary Kay, I do still love many of their products.  My mom recently made a purchase from a consultant and the free gift at the moment is a set of 6 mini lip glosses! It is seriously so cute!  Well my mom dislikes crazy sparkle glosses so she let me take my two favorites, the two sparkliest and most pigmented of the bunch, Berry Dazzle and Red Passion. 

I've always preferred Mary Kay glosses over a lot of others for their pigmentation, longevity, and feel on the lips. These two are no different.  Berry Dazzle, a brand new shade (which I am a bit sad about because I think it replaced Berry Tart, my all time favorite gloss) is a sparkly raspberry gloss with specks of orange and blue glitter. While Red Passion is a reddish orange gloss with orange and pink glitter.  The glosses pictured are just sample sizes, the full size is much larger.

erry Dazzle is very very nice on its own.  It offers great pigmentation and coverage for a gloss and I don't think the sparkles are too out of line for this season. These glosses apply easily and don't feel sticky.  The smell is a big strange, but it's not bad.

I did a wear test with Berry Dazzle and after 4 hours of wear the  color was faded as expected but a pleasant and even pink tint was left on the lips with a trace of sparkle.  Even after devouring a sandwich right after this picture a bit of tint was still left behind.  

Next is Red Passion, this one existed back when I was a consultant but I never actually tried it until now.  I'm sad that never occurred because I looove this gloss. I don't think I'd wear it alone very often because when I wear red I like to go bold not subtle, so fortunately it looks amazing over a red lipstick! Perfect for Christmas!

As pictured here.  I applied Red Passion over J-Cat Beauty's Lip Paint in Red Potion, creating a.....Red Potion of Passion? Haha...

Overall I  really like these glosses and if you go to a party where these are being offered as a free gift with a $40 purchase I think it would definitely be worth it to purchase enough to get these samples! The set also includes a gold shimmer (Beach Bronze), a peachy shimmer (Fancy Nancy), a slightly shimmery pink (shock tart) and a light brownish pink (Cafe au Lait). I am only 90% sure of these other colors though so don't hold me to it! :D

Where to buy: Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
Price: $14

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