Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet Athena and Artemis My New Rats!

So after years of wanting little ratties of my own I used my birthday money to make it a reality.  I just adopted these two little cuties so prepare to be bombarded with pictures! :)


She is all white, except for a slight tan marking on her nose, with red eyes.  She is supposed to be a fancy rat but I think she may have some dumbo in her as her ears are much more to the side than her sisters. She is extremely curious but also a little bit shy.

In her Star Wars bed.

Relaxing on my arm the first day I brought her home.

Checking out the new surroundings.


She is a fancy rat with black eyes and a tan hood that continues down her back as a stripe.  She is brave but not as curious as Athena.  She likes to eat everything.

Getting used to the cage.

Sniffing me :3

Looking out the cage door.

Now for cuddle pictures! <3

My puppy was and still is very confused....

Look forward to more pictures, I can image that they will randomly be included in some makeup shots :P


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