Thursday, April 16, 2015

My First Jamberry Attempt with Silver Floral

My mom has been using these Jamberry nail wraps for a few months now.  She does all her fingers in about 10 minutes and they look perfect.  I've watched her do it a few times and it didn't look so hard.  I knew my first attempt would be less than wonderful so I thought I'd document it for you all to see.  Be warned this is my no means an indicator of how Jamberry will work for you.  Like I said my mom is a master, I believe it probably just takes some practice to get right.

I'll be using the clear nail wraps in Silver Floral. My mom gave me the 4 biggest sizes which you can cut down to fit any of your nails. 

I took the biggest one, cut it in half, and then cut it in half again to get two small bits.  Make sure you line it up with your nails first to make sure it will still be big enough after cutting.  I then trimmed the bottoms to round them off so they would sit on my nail bed correctly.

So first you peel off the wraps and hold them in front of a heat source for a few seconds until they become pliable.  I used a mini hair dryer that I sat on the floor.

After getting it soft I stuck it on my nail and flatted it out as best as I could.  Obviously I had a heck of a lot of bubbles and bumps since there's no way to get a feel for how to apply these best on your first attempt. After flattening it down you are supposed to hold it in heat for another few seconds so the wrap binds to your nail.

This next part is where I ran into my first real issue.  You are supposed to file away the excess, which has worked fine for me with other stick on nail wraps but for whatever reason I could not break through these no matter how much I filed.  I'm not sure why because I've watched my mom file them off in seconds...maybe my file is just that crappy.  I had to instead take some nail clipper and clip my nails every so slightly to get it even with my nail.

Overall this looks pretty neat and even though mine are filled with air bubbles I'm hoping I can get better at it with some practice.  The nail polish is Zoya's Belinda.

This is an example from the Jamberry website of what you get for $15. f you are smart about how you use these one $15 pack can produce a lot of uses. If your nails are not long you can cut all of these in half and instantly double the amount like I did.
They are supposed to last 2 weeks on your finger nails and 3 weeks on your toenails.  That's pretty good considering my nail polish starts to chip after only 2 days.

Also I wanted to note that this specific type of nail wrap is metallic and the metallics are the hardest to use.  Of course I would start with the most if you want to purchase from Jamberry consider starting with a non metallic until you get the hang of application.

My mom is having an online Facebook party so I may be getting more of these to show you! In the meantime I'm going to keep practicing.

Price: $15

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