Sunday, April 5, 2015

Charlotte Wessels Inspired FOTD

Happy Easter Everyone!

Since I know I will be busy today I have prepared this post ahead of time.  If I do an Easter look it will have to wait for another day.

It seems symphonic metal goes hand in hand with awesome makeup because I've been doing a lot of looks inspired by the genre.  Today I decided to base a look off of Charlotte Wessels of Delain.

She is very pretty and even more talented. I had not listened to them too much but after seeing them open for Sonata Arctica I've been loving their album Lucidity.  I'll be seeing them again open for Nightwish so I'm very excited!!

If you've never heard of Delain here is a video for Frozen off Lucidity.

It's weird....sometimes the close up eye pictures look better than the face as a whole and other times the whole picture is way nicer than the zoomed in eyes.  This is definitely the latter.  I just could not get a good close up picture of this look but I adore all the full face shots.  Oh well!
To get this eye look I used all Urban Decay products! It wasn't actually intentional, it just happened that way.
I started with the Naked 3 palette and put Factory on my entire lid and crease.  Then I blended Darkside onto my lid and highlighted with Strange.  Next I took the single Blackout and blended it along my lashline and in the outer corner for depth.  To finish up I grabbed Urban from the Electric Palette and blended it under my lower lashline. 
 I also contoured heavily with a combo of NYX Taupe and MAC Crazed Imagination.  On my lips is Urban Decay's Andromeda gloss which is discontinued.  I didn't really have any shimmery peachy nudes like she was wearing so I had to improvise.

So dark but yet so wearable! I might just do this again tomorrow.

And of course as is necessary here is my side by side comparison.  Photoshopped of course to fit the lighting of the original. So much contrast.  My purple is a little more intense and my darks could have been darker but overall I'm pleased with how I did.

One final picture of the lovely Charlotte to end the post!

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