Friday, April 3, 2015

Cartoon Nails

So I hadn't even really expected to do this.  I had painted my nails with the Lancome polish my  boyfriends mom gave me and then a day later got really bored and randomly started outlining my nails in black.  I then realized that I was only a few dots of white away from making them look straight from a comic book. 

I began by painting my nails with Lancome's 147M Rouge Valentine.  I then outlined them with a black Sephora nail art pen.  Finally I added the white highlights with the white version of said pen. They are both from Sephora's nail art kit which I really like so far.

I think these have the neatest effect from farther away. This is a cute idea but I fear the concept is lost on and not noticed by a lot of people.  Not sure if I'd bother doing this again.

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