Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring Wonderland Collection Haul

So based on my monthly soap box goodies I decided to snag a few things during the second launch of their spring products

I picked up a perfume oil, a body wash, a hand soap, a room spray, and some shower steamers! 

It's Only A Dream Hand Soap

"Calming verbena, lemongrass, calla lily, and citrus blended with leafy greens, ylang-ylang, rosewood, and ozone; with hints of soft musk and roses."
"Our hand soap delivers a rich creamy lather that contains extra skin softening properties from nourishing Aloe and Vitamin E. Leaves hands feeling soft, smooth and lightly scented."

It's Only A Dream was the scent of the moisturizer that came with the Wonderland box.  I decided to get the foaming hand soap version because I just absolutely love how this smells, but it isn't a scent I would like to smell like constantly. To me this scent is very floral and rosey and I just love it.  The soap itself also foams up nicely and provides a nice clean hand washing experience. The scent also sticks around for an hour after the wash. I would definitely buy their foaming hand soaps again!

Price: $6.99

Off With Their Heads Body Wash

"Groves of Meyer lemons and succulent oranges mingle with a perfectly manicured garden of wild roses, violets, and star jasmine perfumed with romantic tones of bergamot and Egyptian musk."

  This was the scent of the bath bomb in the box and the citrus and orange really came out strong and smelled very invigorating but yet relaxing at the same time.  However a lot of that is lost in this body wash when sniffing right from teh bottle. The smell isn't nearly as strong and the floral notes very much overpower the citrus.  It still smells nice but it wasn't exactly what I was hoping. However upon taking it into the shower everything changed! It lathers up nicely just as a body wash should and the citrus notes really shined through and it smelled just as the bath bomb that I remember! :)

Price: $10.99

Futterwacken Steam Me Up Scotty

"Sun warmed lilies brightened with a splash of grapefruit and a breath of fresh air."

"Directions: For maximum results take a hot, steamy shower. Simply unwrap & toss the shower fizzy on the floor to the back of your shower, out of the stream of water. You want it to slowly fizz during your shower, rather than quickly run down your drain. It's like your personal little aromatherapy room, the steamier the better! "

Right from the cube this smells just as the body wash version that came in my box, a very refreshing grapefruit! I was pretty excited to use these shower steamers as I had never previously heard of such a thing.
After trying it out I am not sure if I'm doing it right....I'm a bit afraid to put it on my shower floor because I'm afraid it will fizz and dissolve too quickly and I won't smell anything. Also I don't take super hot showers so I'm worried I won't produce enough steam to make it work.  I placed it on a shelf near my head and did smell it a bit but not much.  I think I'll see if my boyfriend gets a better experience since he takes incredibly hot showers.

Price: $5.99 for 3

Who Are You Perfume Oil

"A mysterious mixture of crisp, ripe, pear twisted with tart limes, vanilla orchid, and dash of raw cane sugar."

This was the same scent as the incense cones and one of my absolute favorites.  I had placed the cones in my bathroom cabinet and lusted after this perfume every time I opened it up.  Well now it is finally mine and it smells EXACTLY like I had hoped! The fresh scent of lime and pear goes beautifully with the sweet vanilla. Its just great and I'm so glad I got the larger size.  The wear time on this is very variable,  I've had it go away in as quickly as two hours and last as long 6.

Price: $8.99

Who Are You Personal Space

"Freshen up your space, wherever that might be! Perfect for dorm rooms, shared bathrooms or that annoying stinky family member! Concentrated room spray. Freshens and deodorizes linens, towels and clothing with a unique conditioning agent."

Since this was my favorite scent from the box I got this in a room spray too! It is so nice to spray in a room or on my clothes or fabrics.  This is my new Febreeze! I do wish the scent lingered a bit longer....however it is hard to tell considering the nose adapts very quickly to smell, I'll have to leave a room for an extended period of time and come back in again to see if the smell is still there. The bottles pictured on the website are tall and skinny while the one I received was short and stout, but I'd imagine they still contain the same amount of product.

Price: $9.99

I am very pleased with my order and am even more excited for my summer box which I've heard may be mermaid themed.  I also think I'm going to pick up one of their shampoo bars next time.  The idea intrigues me and I'd imagine they would be easy to use with my short hair.

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